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  1. BobbyB

    Wow, out of left field–a smart and insightful look at modern society! I had never thought of it in that way, Tom (everyone is a geek), but now that you say it I agree completely! I’m still not sure I’d want to go tell the Jock at the sports bar that he’s a geek, but your point still stands. I think the term “geek” is usually associated with techie stuff…but, as you alluded to, even the line that defines “techie” is becomign blurred. How many Wall Street buffs wouldn’t know the first thing about playing Assassins Creed, but could fly circles around a gamer on a real-time stock tracking site? And I know personally that when it comes to Fantasy Football, I am totally lost…yet I could tell you the stats and vehicles of my favorite WRC teams. Tom, you’ve really stepped in some truth here, and I’m impressed.

    • Tom

      Thanks, Bobby.

      Usually when people tell me I’ve stepped in something, it isn’t a compliment! šŸ˜‰

  2. Michael

    When you talk about the characters in ACC needing to be more cartoony, I think you’re experiencing the “uncanny valley.” In a nutshell, the theory is that the closer that a simulated person gets to actual person (be it a robot or picture), the creepier they look.

    It’s an interesting theory, especially with the recent advancements in animation. To me, it kind of explains why the humans in _Up_ feel “right”, even though the characters in a ACC may be more accurate.

  3. Jackson

    Glad I could help, Tom. I like how the finished product turned out. Thanks for the link to TWIW, too!

  4. Kevin

    I don’t have any real desire to see New Moon. I watched Twilight with the help of rifftrax and beer and even then it was only barely stomachable. That being said, I just recently entered a relationship with a serious Twilight fan, so it may happen anyway.

  5. Liz

    I’m no Twihard, but I read the books (I bought the first one just to see what all the hype was about, then I just got sucked in), but I’ll probably see New Moon. Not this weekend, since I actually want to avoid the masses of teens and tweens, but I plan on seeing it. I fully know that it’s going to be overdone and melodramatic, but that’s what I expect.

    That being said, it says that you’re male on your driver’s license. Did you really need to double-check?

  6. Daze

    This comic made me LOL.
    I’m a 17 year old girl, and find the films of poor, poor quality… they couldn’t even come up with good eye candy except for Taylor Lautner ;]
    At least Star Wars and Iron Man were well made films worthy of peoples attention! lolololololololol.
    I will, however, be putting money in the pockets of those responible for this series of shambley films. *embarrassment* =D
    Taylor Lautner is just too good-looking. Gah.
    Am muchly looking forward to this weeks comics..
    Love x

    • Tom

      Daze, don’t feel too guilty. Taylor Lautner IS good-looking.

      What that says about me, I’m not too sure.

      Wren, I didn’t mean “arrested development” to come off an insult. But you kind of have to agree that Twilight’s target audience are probably teenagers, right?

      I mean, I’m a guy in his 30’s who still reads comic books and I catch flack for it, but I don’t particularly care if someone else has a problem with it.

  7. wren1313

    Tom: Love the comic (especially panel 3) and your blog was incredibly insightful. My only qualm is with the “arrested development” comment. I don’t consider myself developmentally arrested because I like Twilight, Star Wars, or the Muppets; I consider myself open to new sources of creativity. Whether that be classic novels, comic books, tween fiction, or cinema: if it is creative, I want to see/read/experience it.

    I am a fan of the Twightlight series, eventhough I like my vamps non-glittery, but I am going no where near a showing this weekend because I would actually like to hear the dialogue and not some squeeing tween. The Twighlight movie was a disappointment but New Moon previews have revived my hope for the franchise (a new director can do that). I am very interested to see how the writers/director handle the non-chapters (if you’ve read it you will know).

  8. Molnek

    I pretty much have the same view of Twilight as you Tom. Let them have it and go crazy, although I long ago learned to contain my nerd excitement I do find it highly amusing to see my girlfriend geek out over it. I love that third panel, because the id isn’t enough he has to actually look in his pants to make sure, made my morning.

    • Tom

      If I had room for it, I would have had Tom fart, then blech just to triple and quadruple confirm it.

  9. Relaxing Dragon
    Relaxing Dragon

    I realize I’m about the direct opposite of the main Twilight demographic, but I still just can’t comprehend it’s appeal. All other things aside, there’s a large amount of abuse and obsessive stalking in the romance aspects of the story. Considering how key said aspect is to the whole thing, seems like that would be a turn-off for most.

  10. Frankie D.
    Frankie D.

    Actually, after reading this: it seems like Twilight is quite dangerously misogynistic Mormon Slashfic….

  11. Katy

    Relaxing dragon makes a good point. I didn’t see it when I was reading the books, but as I described the events to my husband he noticed it right away. Edward is abusive and controlling. I enjoy Jacob. šŸ™‚ I am going to see New Moon at midnight, and the theater here is showing Twilight right before. Figured it would be good to see them back-to-back, even tho I already saw Twilight and did not like it.

  12. jennsaysmeow

    I am a 27 y.o. female and as I am partially unemployed my job Thursday consists in sitting in line to get good seats for the movie. Yes I know there are other things I could, scratch that, SHOULD be doing with my free time, but I can’t help it. My friends as I have camped out for every single big sci-fi/fantasy movie since we were in high school, and why break tradition. It’s like a mini Con for us (we have dressed up in the past), and we love it. And we plan on doing this for as long as we can. We are unabashedly forever 17 year olds. Except now we can drink legally.

  13. Brandy

    I liked the comic, but I’d like to respectively disagree about it’s good for female teens have Twilight to geek over. I have (unfortunately) attempted to read the books and read up on the characters and Twilight is very insulting and damaging to teen girls I believe.

    • Tom

      And Slave Leia in a metal bikini hasn’t ruined sexual expectations for a generation of men?


    I am not a teenager (turned 30 in Sept.) but I plan to see it but not until it comes out on video so I don’t have to hear people talking throughout the movie except my toddler. I prefer the books but I do like the eye candy especially Peter Facinelli. I do have an interest in love stories. Favorite series is Inuyasha and favorite movie is Howl’s Moving Castle. I usually get my geek on with Harvest Moon video games. Also I can somewhat relate to Bella. The way she feels about Edward is how I feel for my first love and how she feels about Jacob for my current love.

  15. Kayla

    I have absolutely 0 interest in seeing New Moon. I have a lot of friends though (I’m a jr in college) who are going to the midnight showing. Luckily, I made plans to see my favorite artist (Amanda Palmer) Friday so I won’t have to deal with hearing everyone go on and on about the movie.

  16. caressOfSteel

    I haven’t heard a lot about/ paid attention to New Moon but that thing about everyone being geeks was cool. I often hope everyone has at least one Thing that they are a giant fan of.

  17. Sean McNally

    We have one cinema in town that does midnight showing. Of it’s eight screen four have allready sold out for a midnnight showing and they are planning on selling a fifth.

    My friends and I have began to throwup at the sight of the trailers.Especially at 2012 last night where the trailers were more clips from the film that just lasted for ages.

  18. Damien

    Just an observation – if your birthday is 12/21/1977, you’ll actually be 35 on the day the world ends (if Roland Emmerich and co. are correct) šŸ™‚

    • Tom

      MATH! My one, true arch nemesis. We meet again!

  19. Liz

    Emmerich is basing his belief on the Mayan calendar, which ends on 12/21/2012. However, the calendar is a cycle. That’s like saying the world ends every New Year’s Eve. Silly Damien, apocalypse theories are for Christians.

  20. Kimi

    i just wanna say that i’m a teenage girl and i think twilight is a wet dream on paper. a married mormon woman’s wet dream about 17 year olds. its nasty. i’m not wasting money on that

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