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  1. demonfafa

    Tom, buddy, you need to get your movie chronology in check:
    ID4 = 1996 (I remember because I saw it right before I went to Israel for that summer and it was awesome to see the Jordanian & Israeli flags in the same airfield before the counter-attack)
    Speed = 1994
    Twister = 1996 (but released 2 months before ID4)

    So yes, we can blame Roland Emmerich for much, but not all of it.

  2. Edrondol

    I LOVE the last panel! Kudos!

  3. Tom

    My bad, demonfafa. You’re right.

    I must have been thinking “ID4” = 2004, for some reason.

  4. Rich Kempter
    Rich Kempter

    I’m going to avoid 2012. Cusack seems totally miscast for a disaster movie. He seems too nice. Like a teddy bear. He belongs in those sappy “chick flicks”. I can’t see him yelling “Look out” for 2 hours like Bill Paxton(?) did annoyingly so in Twister

    My birthday is Dec. 22 so that is almost as bad as yours Tom. If the world is ending.

  5. Lyssa

    Tom, that would suck, but if the world ever does end, SOMEONE (actually a bunch of someones) will suffer that indignity.

    I’m iffy on this film. I kind of love craptastic disaster films like ID4, Twister and (gulp) Armageddon, so this might be fun. On the other hand, there’s too much of quality in theaters this time of year for me to waste my time with this, no matter the caliber of actor in it. Hell, Chiwetel Ejiofor’s in it!!!! Not even my Joss actor love will get me to the theater. Going to see Pirate Radio instead.

  6. Lance J. M.
    Lance J. M.

    I am so happy that someone else thinks about this film the same way as I do. I see it as another disaster film. Sure, “Armageddon” and “The Day After Tomorrow” were very good((maybe even great)) films. I kinda liked “Knowing”, as well. But, even so. Also, I think that John is a very good actor and I loved “Con Air”, “Martian Child”, and “The Runaway Jury”. BTW! Good strip today. Looking forward to Monday’s. Heck, I’m really looking forward to one about “Sherlock Holmes” next month.

  7. Tony D
    Tony D

    “And it would be a real bummer to die in the apocalypse on your birthday.”

    “Knowing” posited that the end of the world would be on my 33rd birthday, which was this past 10/19. Nothing happened. Kind of a let down, actually.

  8. Vychand

    This movie promises to be everything that is bad about hollywood. Therefore, I’ll probably end up seeing it. My wife loves disaster movies, which leaves me stuck watching the worst programming outside of intentionally bad films. Okay, the Mayan Calendar (cycle) ends in 2012, big deal. My regular calendar ends every 365 1/4 days and the world hasn’t blown up yet. According to Mayan belief the next 5,128 year cycle will start after this one ends.

  9. Lance J. M.
    Lance J. M.

    Wow, Tony. I mean, having your death date be on the anniversary of your birth date would be kool, but wow. lol

    BTW! If the world ends on 12-21-2012, then my rents will have been married for one day less than 26 years when it happens.

  10. Edrondol
    • Tom

      That’s why I have the sense to publish it somewhere he would never see it – THE INTERNET!

  11. Andrew

    Tom have you seen “Grace is gone?” I think that one really shows the depth of Cusak’s acting skills.

  12. Relaxing Dragon
    Relaxing Dragon

    I’ve got no real problem with this film. It’s a trashy popcorn film, yes, but it appears to be one that’s at least got the effects to keep you amazed for the whole running time. And really, going into a movie like this, that’s all you want.

    But given that I don’t like disaster movies, I’ll be giving it a pass. I did see Pirate Radio last night, which was quite funny, so I recommend that to people who don’t want to watch a movie about the planet rebelling against us.

  13. Brian Godsoe
    Brian Godsoe

    So Keyboard Cat is responsible for the apocalypse? Just as the Mayans predicted!

  14. Kyle

    “Who’s interested in seeing 2012?”…well, all I can tell you is that in my house, the only one who wants to see it is me 12 year old son. I would say Emmerich has hit his demographic with this one.

  15. Chris M. Cantrell

    Apparently the marking buzz from this goofy movie has caused enough of an uproar about the world ending that freakin’ NASA felt the need to address it.


    • Tom


      Aside from blowing craters in the moon, it’s not like NASA is doing anything productive anyway…

  16. Link the Zora
    Link the Zora

    Wow, I’ll be 23 years old by then, just ending my first semester of my fourth year in college.

    I’d feel sorry for myself, saying that “I wouldn’t even be able to enjoy the rest of my life as an adult in a job!”

    But I don’t believe anything bad happening on 12/21/2012. It’ll be a regular day with just four days to go before X-Mas Day.

  17. Lisa

    That cat thing in the vid made me laugh so hard. that was so random haha. i just watched the film. worth watching in theaters, but it isn’t a dvd buy for me nor would i watch it all the time.

  18. BobbyB

    Tom, for my thoughts on this movie, read this brilliant editorial from Mark Harris at Entertainment Weekly. Please to enjoy:


  19. Damien

    Ha, you’re exactly 9 days older than I am – I’ll die as a young 33-year old I suppose. We assume that the Mayans and Nostradamus are farting in the wind on this one after all, but if they’re not…well, at least the special effects will be pretty spectacular 🙂

  20. Paul

    I looked forward to the film, and the SFX were a huge draw.
    Cusack is always Cusack.
    “Some men [want to pay $9] just to watch the world burn.” :p

    • Tom

      Did you ever see the cut of the trailer that took out the effects? It featured Cusack in a rollicking car with the other people in the cast reacting to nothing and screaming their heads off.

      It was hilarious.

      • Paul

        I saw the one you posted here, if that’s what you mean (albeit muted).
        It is true. Synopsis: “John Cusack n Gang outride the apocalypse on a tricycle. With a flat tire.”

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