The Comic

Theater Hopper is a web comic about movies written from the fan’s perspective. It is semi-autobiographical, combining characters based on real people with a supporting cast of fictitious creations.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, these characters satirically address what is current in the world of movies and celebrity culture as they have since August 5, 2002.


Theater Hopper was originally published as an excuse for it’s creator to teach himself web design. Inspired by genre trailblazers like Penny Arcade and PvP, creator Tom Brazelton narrowed his focus onto a topic he felt could sustain a thrice-weekly web comic and chose movies as the subject matter.

In the course of it’s history, Theater Hopper has been featured in weekly print publications like Juice, published by The Des Moines Register and in partnership with the popular movie news and industry discussion blog First Showing. Theater Hopper was a founding member of the web comic collective Dayfree Press and is currently a member of the collective Boxcar Comics.

In addition to his experience with web comic collectives, creator Tom Brazelton co-hosted the popular movie discussion podcast, The Triple Feature along with his movie web comic contemporaries, Gordon McAlpin from Multiplex and Joe Dunn from Joe Loves Crappy Movies. Established in December 2006, The Triple Feature concluded its run in January 2009.

Tom Brazelton has exhibited Theater Hopper at many comic book conventions, has done press with several web comic media outlets and continues to enjoy the friendships he has established with fans and fellow creators alike through Theater Hopper.