Theater Hopper: Year Three was funded with the support of fans who believe in this comic and the quality of the work. Without their aid, Theater Hopper: Year Three would never have been published.

With sincere thanks, their names are listed for all to see.


For being the first to help lift this publication off the ground.

Dustin Brants
Sherrill Brown
Levi Byers
Zach Day
Tyler Frederickson
Andrew Havens
Robert Henry
Jack Gulick
James Jones II
Richard Kempter
Jesse Kiefer
Curtis Mueller
Jay Myrechuck
Connor Neste
Brooks Nichols
Mathew Norris
Craig Porter
Andrew Risler
Stephen Ray
Andrew Song
Christian Southworth
Christopher Swain
Frank Sugino
Time Bomb Media
Mike Wilson
Kirsty Win
Mark Zwolanek


For putting a pretty little bow on top.

Megan Baker
Eric Basso
Michael Bernholtz
Mathew Bradley
Christopher Burns
Ashley Calvert
Michael Adam Childers
Adam Clarke
Terry Connolly
Barry Cope
Christopher Dammacco
Christopher Fewell
Darin Goke
Charles Goodwin
Curtis Harding
Marcus Hofvander
Ben Hudgins
Joshua Lawrence
David Kinskey-Lebeda
Louis Lemaire
Sam Leung
Josh Maher
Shane Matthews
Gordon McAlpin
Michael McConnell Jr.
James Mclaughlin
Sean McNally
Rebecca Mitchell
Mark Monlux
Jason Moore
Matthew J. Morrison
Michael O’Neill
Kaleb Pier
Gina Privitere
Jesse Jay Ray
Shawn Robare
Kevin T. Rodriguez
Steven Rodzinski
Kevin Saunders
Pedro Rosário Silva
Jacob Snell
Rob Steele
Todd Stephanuik
Laura Taylor
Jer Upham
Lisa Whitmore
Mike Wilson


For supporting the cause.

Tyler Bancroft
Claudia Barillas
Ruth Boehme
Neil Bryer
Noah Chevalier
Jeremiah Clark
Tony Cottam
Mike Duke

Jackson Ferrell
John Green
Jonah Gregory
Scott Heinowski
Evan Hill
Jonathan Jager
Sam Jones
Evan Liebovitz
George Mackay
Kevin Meyer
TJ O’Neill
Rick Pierce
Michael Y. Potter
Avi R
Evan Rees
Tim Ryder
Scott Sevener
Cody W. Steele
Steven Tamayo
Emily Tobin
Justin Watkins
Peter Woolford

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