So this is the first Theater Hopper strip, eh? God, I had hoped it would be funnier. But, what are you gonna do?…

Thanks for taking time out of your busy work day to waste a few quick seconds at my site. This is something I’ve wanted to take a swing at for a really long time. Hopefully, with your help I’ll improve.

If you like what you see so far, please tell more people about the site. I also encourage everyone to visit the forum and register. It’ll be a cool place to hang out and talk smack about movies.

As far as today’s strip goes, it’s a pretty common scenario for me. I’ve been known to drop impersonations of Dr. Evil randomly into many conversations. I think the more intellectual friends of mine are a little tired of it, but afraid to tell me to knock it off for fear I may call them “frickin’ eediots”. Or maybe not.

I’d love to get some suggestions on how to make the site better, but unfortunately, I’m having trouble setting up my e-mail through Microsoft Outlook. Eventually it will be But in the meantime, if you have suggestions, take them to the forum and I can pick them up there.

Thanks again and I’ll see you here soon!

↓ Transcript
Yeah, baby! Who's ready to see "Goldmember" For the third time? Oh, behave!

If it means I have to suffer another month of bad Austin Powers impressions, I'll pass.

The movie is funny, but when are boneheads like you going to realize doing lame impersonations only cheapens the entertainment value for the rest of us?

Insolence! I shall have you placed inside a bag and beaten with reeds!