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  1. Edrondol

    I am convinced that Up *is* Pixar’s best film. The first portion of the film with hardly any dialogue is one of the most powerfully moving portions of film I’ve seen, animated or otherwise.

    The fact that every part of the film seems to be-SQUIRREL!!

    -so well thought out that it puts every other animated films to shame.

    • Tom

      For me, it’s a tough decision between Up, Wall-E and Toy Story 2.

      Up is certainly Pixar’s most ambitious film with a lot of unique ideas. But Wall-E does more with less and gets you emotionally invested in the relationship between *robots*.

      Toy Story 2 is probably Pixar’s most well-rounded film and is very economical in it’s story telling. Jessie’s scene is also a heart-breaker.

      Of course, for the pure simple enjoyment of it, The Incredibles ranks highly for me. But as an action movie, there are only so many themes it can cover – only so much it can actually “say.”

  2. Edrondol

    I hated Wall-E specifically because it was a love story between robots. Robots who wheezed after exerting themselves, screamed when surprised and “broke” their programming when necessary.

    I get a lot of crap for it, but I found Wall-E to be preachy and totally stupid.

    • Tom

      Do you also hate smiling and puppies?


  3. SSG Jeff (USAR)
    SSG Jeff (USAR)

    Since I do not own (and probably won’t for some time) a Blu-Ray player, I’m wondering how much of the extra stuff is on the 2 disc DVD version….

  4. Big M
    Big M

    I absolutely love Up. My personal Pixar picks are Ratatouille (I don’t know why, I just can’t get enough of that movie), Up, Monsters Inc., Wall-E, and then the rest are all tied. And then Cars is at the bottom.
    I felt like Up was the most emotionally stressing movie of Pixar’s because it was the first time that the main emotional conflict was based on a human, so it’s easier to relate.

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