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  1. Steven

    When I saw that this movie came out on DVD I completely forgot it existed… I’ve never seen it so that might be a reason, but possibly some poor advertising…

  2. LoneHowler

    i absolutely love the balloons in this comic. well done balloons usually don’t come off well when drawn

  3. chuckers

    Is your “Joe” link pointed at the right place? Any word on why the site hasn’t been updated in donk’s?

    • Tom

      Joe’s link is pointed to the right place, although I think I added an extra “w” in the “www” part of the address.

      I don’t know why the site hasn’t been updated in a while. I know Joe has been working on Another Video Game Comic recently, but he doesn’t write it. Maybe he’s just burned out on movies at the moment?

  4. Michael

    Love the comments about the montages’ lack of dialogue still packing a punch. Did they actually finish the alternate montage for the DVD, or is it mostly sketches?

    Pixar has gotten more of silence than Charlie Chaplin. The opening stretch of Wall-E, Remy’s inital exploration of Paris, Ego’s flashback during his review of Gusteau’s – all of these done with little to no dialogue, and yet they’re some of the most impactful parts of the movie. Even some of the characters with limited or nonsensical dialogue (Boo from Monsters, Inc. or Luigi from Cars) are a key part as well.

    I’m not sure if that’s testament more to Pixar’s grasp of powerful soundtrack or their remarkable ability to tell stories without words. Whatever it may be, it’s definitely what won me over.

  5. Rich Kempter
    Rich Kempter

    I will be renting it tomorrow. If it’s that good then on to my Christmas list. Look, 25% towards the book. Lets go people!

  6. cryWalker

    Hahahahaha the last panel is perfect!

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