Now it’s time for the obligatory update on the Kickstarter fund raising campaign for Theater Hopper: Year Three.

I gotta say, when I posted on Friday about meeting the goal of $1,000, you guys responded with gusto! We’re now at $1,090 pledged with 32 backers and 31% of the project funded!

You guys kind of pulled the same trick the Friday before last when you pledged almost $350 over the course of a weekend. Maybe it’s because Friday is payday. But I like to think it’s because you guys are as excited to see this book finished as I am!

I’m starting to think that managing the Kickstarter campaign is all about highlighting smaller milestones among the larger goal. So remember that I am giving away me copy of Monsters, Inc. on DVD along with some original Monsters, Inc. artwork drawn by me after we reach the $1,500 mark.

Only people who pledge before that point are eligible for the random drawing that will award one winner! So the more you pledge means the less competition you have in the drawing! If you’ve already pledged, you can go back and INCREASE the amount of your pledge at any time to help improve your odds!

I will be sure to post an update of the artwork when it’s finished. Until then, keep pledging!