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  1. David

    I grew up on Muppet Babies and reruns of the Muppet show. I freaking love them. From the trailers, I could tell early on that they’re going for some cheap laughs at times, but that’s okay if overall the movie stays within the Muppet world we know and love, perhaps even expanding upon it. I’m excited. It may be one of the few movies I make time to go see this month.

  2. Brian

    I don’t understand the issue with the muppets acting a little out of character. It’s long be established that the muppets are all actors. So maybe this movie is just a movie the muppets are making? ALA The Great Muppet Caper.

  3. Wombat

    Im a Muppets fan. Grew up on all the Henson stuff. I even went as Jim Henson for halloween again this year.

    Yeah, Oz’s comments seemed a bit, ‘it’s not what I wanted to do, so it’s bad’ to me. It’s not like the Muppet Show didn’t have it’s fair share of “cheap jokes” (I’ve been watching the first season recently). As for character depiction, can’t really judge it until I see it, but it seems like it’d be a tough thing to screw up. I just hope they remember that Scooter’s uncle owned the Muppet theater.

    I’ll be there to see the movie opening weekend.

    • Tom

      The Muppets’ *bread and butter* are cheap jokes.

      The magic of it was that they were laughing at the cheap jokes along with the rest of the audience.

      There’s nothing I’ve seen from the trailer – Fozzy’s fart shoes included – that indicates they’ve deviated from that.

  4. Liam

    If Frank Oz has a problem with the way the Muppets act then why didn’t he work on the movie.

    • Tom

      Apparently he didn’t like the script and maybe didn’t have the authority to change it?

  5. bryan

    Did you get to see Muppet vision when you were in Walt Disney World? I know they have one at Disney’s California Adventure. It is pretty awesome. even though it is in 3D.

    • Tom

      Yup, we saw it on our trip. I’ve actually seen it a couple of times and it’s great.

  6. mirror2liquid

    At least the Muppets are bring brought back by a long-standing fan, and not just some greedy corporation trying to make a buck of off a classic franchise.

    • Tom

      Wellllll… Disney owns the Muppets. So there’s a little from Column A and a little from Column B in that assessment. 🙂

  7. Brian

    People get pissed off about integrity all the time, especially with nerdy franchises. I mean, how many people were pissed off that Batman killed Darkseid in Final Crisis, or let Ra’s Al Ghul die in Batman Begins? How many people are pissed about the proposed new Punisher show having Frank be a cop by day, vigilante by night?

    Muppets are a bit nerdy. When you take nerdy properties in a different direction, people get annoyed. If the new movie turns out having the sense of humour of a Nickelodeon cartoon, I’ll be annoyed because I expect the Muppets to be the Muppets. If its nothing way out of the norm, it will be fine.

  8. Dierna

    I for one can’t wait to see this movie! Yes they’re making it seem like the muppets have been seperated for years when they haven’t but Kermit specifically stated in an interview on CBC that it’s just part of the movie.

    I baught a new muppet shirt for the movie so Im all set. I just have to dig out my Kermit purse from the closet….

  9. tmons78

    I am a lifelong fan of the Muppets, and am definitely looking forward to seeing the new movie. I have every Muppet movie, and seasons 1-3 on DVD, which I watch on occasion with my kids. I can’t wait to bring my kids to the theater, so they can enjoy seeing them on the big screen.

    • Tom

      We were trying to decide if we were going to bring our 4 year-old to see The Muppets, but we kind of think it’s going to go right over his head.

      • Liam

        You should bring him. Four seems like a good age to introduce him to the Muppets.

        • Tom

          We’ve asked him if he wants to go and he’s told us he doesn’t.

          We saw the 4D Muppet movie at Walt Disney World last month and we think *he* thinks it will be like that.

  10. Brandon Hyde

    My brother and I won tickets to see an advance screening of The Muppets and I thought it was pretty great. It’s obvious how much love and admiration that Jason Seagull has for the characters and it’s pretty great to see what he does with it. The cameos in the film are plentiful, smart and hilarious. There are some really great surprises and moments between the characters. I actually got choked up near the end at a particular scene. The musical numbers brought a smile to my face and just kept me laughing the whole time. Amy Adams does a really great job and looks fantastic and provides a good foil to Seagull’s character. Overall, the whole movie has a lot of heart and charm to it and I hope it does well.

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