If you visited the site yesterday, you would have seen the blog entry where I was discussing problems I was having with the store and pre-order for Theater Hopper – Year Three. I was getting international orders, but orders within the United States were not being completed. There was some kind of error when the shopping cart tried to calculate shipping and the order could not be submitted.

I could go into all the boneheaded things I did that contributed to this problem, but it’s boring and it’s technical and you don’t want to hear it.

What’s important is that the problem is fixed. And, to celebrate (as well as make up for any potentially lost business), I am offering a 15% discount on everything in the store!

All you have to do is input the coupon code “dummy” into the Promotions and Discounts field at checkout and the discount will be applied.

The coupon will be effective from now until Friday, February 6 – one week. So if you want to take advantage of my stupidity, now is the time!

Thanks again for your support!