So I went over to PvP today and noticed that my good buddy Wes Molebash – Boxcar associate and creator of  You’ll Have That had a guest strip up and running over at Mr. Kurtz’s site! You can view it here.

I can’t quite describe the level of jealousy coursing through my viens, but it’s borderline toxic. Like Britney Spears-toxic.

But the comic is funny as all get-out and the opportunity couldn’t have been given to a nicer guy. Scott even gave Wes’s new book a plug in the blog! And since Wes once did the same for me, I’d like to return the favor now.

Be sure to check out Wes’ book "You’ll Have That: A Comic Strip by Wes Molebash" is available at right now. Click here to order.

See how it works, kids? You plug my book and I’ll plug your book!

I should also send a shout-out to Clay Yount over at Rob and Elliot for sending over a bunch of traffic and talking up "Theater Hopper: Year One." Thanks, Clay!

If any of you guys have web sites and are feeling generous, please let all of your readers know about the realease of "Theater Hopper: Year One" on Monday, April 17. LiveJournal, MySpace, Facebook – whatever tools you have at your disposal to share information about the book. Any mention you can give, I would appreciate. And who knows? It might put you one step closer to those street team prizes! Just a reminder!