I wanted to let everyone know that I’ve updated my information regarding my appearance at Wizard World Chicago. You can learn everything from what time I’ll arrive, to where you can find my booth, to what we’ll be doing after the shows if you want to hang out all right here. Rather than type it all out a second time, I just wanted to call your attention to it.

Last year I needed a little bit of help getting to Chicago after Truman came down with his mystery intestional ailment and we have to perform emergency exploritory surgery on him.

Luckily, we’ve had no such crisis this year and my money situation is looking pretty good in terms of getting me to Chicago and back. But if you’re unable to make it to Wizard World Chicago and want to show me a little support, feel free to donate a little gas money. I’m looking at a 6 hour drive each way and I’m sure I’ll need it.

Maybe that’s kind of skeevy to ask, but the worst you can say is “No,” right? Besides, it’s not like you won’t be compensated for your generosity. Learn more about that and The Walk of Fame here.

Thanks to everyone for their support! I hope to see as many of you in Chicago as possible!