Apologies to anyone who tried to participate in or download last night’s Triple Feature talkcast. Gordon and I ran into some technical difficulties around the 15 minute mark and decided to scrap the show after neither of us could log back in. You wouldn’t have missed much. Joe was M.I.A. because he got to attend an early screening of American Gangster and neither Gordon or I had much to talk about. We were pretty much going to wing it. There weren’t that many people in the chat field, either. I think everyone was off watching the premiere of Heroes, or something.

We might try and do another show later in the week to make up for it. Possibly Thursday. Joe is game. We’re still waiting for confirmation from Gordon. So stay tuned for that one. Either way you slice it, don’t worry about getting the first half of The Kingdom prize package giveaway code. I’m going to give you the whole thing on Wednesday and you can enter the contest then.

Speaking of contests, I’ve got another one for you!


Stargate Atlantis: Season Three

I have two copies of Stargate Atlantis: Season Three to give away and I’m going to make you work a little bit to be eligible to win.

All I need you to do is pick your favorite three Theater Hopper strips and submit them to your favorite social bookmarking site. It could be StumbleUpon, it could be Reddit, it could be Digg. Whatever works best for you.

If you’re new to social bookmarking, you can use the handy little drop down at the bottom of this post. Be sure you’re on the individual page you want to bookmark before tagging it.

Once you’ve bookmarked your three favorite strips to the social bookmarking site of your choice, send a screen shot or a link to your profile page so I can see your entries to me at theaterhopper@hotmail.com along with your name and mailing address. You have until this Friday to enter. From the entries, two winners will be chosen at random.

Hopefully you guys appreciate that I’m just trying to drum up some interest in the site and it’s really not that much effort for a chance to win something cool. Your efforts help promote the site and ,when that happens, everyone wins!

Get bookmarking and good luck!