Sorry, it took me a while to post this information. But I’ve been sick today after a round of serious vomiting earlier in the morning. Today’s been spent mostly sleeping.

I just wanted to remind everyone that The Triple Feature talkcast is happening tonight at 9:00 PM CST over at TalkShoe. It’s a big occasion for us – our 25th episode. Can you believe we’ve been doing this a little more than half a year!

Tonight we’ll be talking about Ocean’s Thirteen and Paris Je T’Amie. We’re also saving the last half hour for our picks of the best movies of 2007… so far.

We want to strongly encourage everyone to participate in real time and to call in with your opinions. Seeing as how much flack I catch for posting reviews lately, a few of you seem to think you can do it better. Well, here’s your chance!

That’s not fair. I’m setting this up to be a confrontational thing and that’s not what we’re about. I seriously want to include everyone, so please, call in and tell us your thoughts.

Or, listen to the show and see if I flip out in a Robitussin-induced rage! A good time any way you slice it!