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  1. totalmoviefreak

    I tried my hardest to AVOID twilight fans last night. I went to see Men Who Stare at Goats at the independent theater that would not be showing Twilight. I can’t believe they expect Kristen Stewart to carry a film. I saw her in Adventureland, I don’t know how anyone could tolerate her teenage angst ridden brooding and hair acting for the duration of an entire film. You must be a die hard fan if you are willing to sit through that.

    • Tom


      I actually think Stewart did okay in Adventureland. The sulking and moping seemed appropriate given the character’s home-life.

      But that little sloe-eyed, head twitch thing she does in the first Twilight movie where she grits her teeth and says “Kiss me.” makes me want to throw my television through a wall.


      I think if I had made the pun the punchline, I would have been in trouble. It’s not CSI: Miami up in here.

  2. Molnek

    You mean eye candy and werewolve transformations don’t make a great movie?! I will forgive the bad pun Tom, but only because it in turns makes the joke that Jared is stupid and feels the need to say he gets the joke, which I enjoy.

  3. Mark Monlux

    I thought I could escape the whole Twilight phenomenon, but my sweetie has a thing for vampires. Sigh.

  4. Xaviar Xerexes

    Geezus Tom… That pun BITES!


  5. Tom

    FANGS, a lot, Xaviar! 🙁

  6. derrick

    i often read your comics out loud to my wife….and she always laughs…….but this time it was followed by “shes trying to be sexy” followed by more giggles, causing me to laugh so hard i snorted the soup i was eating….keep it up tom

    • Tom


      “She’s trying to be sexy” is the best thing I’ve heard all day.

      You’re wife is a smart cookie, because I was shooting for the kind of melodrama one sees in the Twilight movies. She picked up on it right away.

  7. wren1313

    See Stewart in Cake Eaters… she does an amazing job with that role, especially the physicality of the role, & it is an excellent film. Actually looking forward to her as Joan Jett.

  8. Green Goblin
    Green Goblin

    If your gf has a thing for vampires, have her stay in and show her some GOOD non-twinkling vampire films. Show her Blade 1 and 2. Show her From Dusk ’til Dawn. Show her 40 days of Night. Show her Underworld

  9. Nidmoy

    Can’t forget the mormon allegory in the Twilight series

  10. Fnnogg

    I went and saw The Men Who Stare at Ghosts last night with my sister, and as we were walking through the theater (and making fun of all the teenage girls that were squeeling) I noticed a poster advertising the NEXT Twilight movie… I guess it’s coming out in June. Seriously? I don’t think my ears will have recovered by then. Oh, and every comic this week made me laugh out loud, so kudos to you!

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