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  1. chuckers

    No chance for a youtube version? HULU hates those of us on the wrong side of the planet.

  2. Ryan

    Forget just the wrong side of the planet… Anyone North of the 48th Parallel is equally locked out.

  3. totalmoviefreak

    I was actually at USC when they were going to film a scene from the new Transformers there. THey set up and everything then LaBeouf had to go get his hand crushed so they couldn’t film. I was so pissed! That was when my hate for him started. I hope his hand get ripped off in the movie!

  4. Murph

    I really think your Shia LaBeouf hatred is flimsy, insubstantial, and based on really petty things. Your site got along on its own steam fine even back when the hate was on Ben Affleck. I think you could benefit a lot more from using your non-Ben/Shia humor a lot more, because that’s really what keeps me coming back here in the first place.

    That being said, you’re pretty much spot on about the quality of his various performances… I don’t find him amazing. At all.

    • Tom

      Different strokes for different folks, Murph. But the whole point of the Shia hate is that it’s insubstantial, irrational and unjustified.

      Do I have a problem with Shia in real-life. Yeah, a little bit. I find him kind of pretentious and undeserving of the attention that’s been paid to him.

      But for the purpose of comedic effect, those petty grievances have been amplified. Either it speaks to you, or it doesn’t.

      You’ve never had an oil-and-water situation with an actor, a friend of a friend or maybe someone at your job? Think of it in those terms.

  5. Jimmy Russell
    Jimmy Russell

    I’m a Shia fan from the days of Even Stevens (also a big fan of Ben Affleck…why do I come here so much? lol) but I think you’re ragging on the wrong Transformers cast member. Megan Fox is easily a more talentless void then Shia is and I would dig a strip where Cami and Charlie rag on her for her goofy tattoos or her many stupid quotes. If ever someone needed to be made fun of…Megan Fox is that someone.

    • Tom

      I have to agree that Megan Fox is more of an empty void – so much so that she was a non-entity in the firm movie.

      But they’ve really upped her profile since then and I agree she could stand to be taken down a few pegs.

      My Shia hate is irrational by design. But hating Megan Fox is a little more justified.

      Consider your suggestion under advisement.

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