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  1. Marty

    You shouldn’t expect the whole thing to be in IMAX format – only a few scenes/shots of fighting robots fill the IMAX screen (like The Dark Knight) but the rest of the movie is in normal size widescreen.

  2. Hákon Þ
    Hákon Þ

    I don’t see how you can dislike / hate LaBeouf so much; Try as I might, I just can’t.
    Great comic though!

  3. LoneHowler

    The painting for your living room looks great. I’ll bet that when company sees it you’ll get offers for commissions. I’m looking forward to transformers movie athough it has me going why is laboufs charicter getting visions? Couldn’t they find some more reasonable excuse for a human tag along in the movie?

  4. Odowan

    Yeah, I’ll be seeing it in Imax as well. In the exact same theater too. Though I’m not getting out there until Sunday. Stupid work schedule.

  5. Frank

    Caught it this morning in IMAX. Great picture and sound (as you’d expect). Idiotic dialog and brain-dead plot. Oh, and a decepticon that farts a parachute. And another that humps Megan Fox’s leg.

    Definitely a flick where you go and turn your brain off.

    • Tom

      The scenes in IMAX with Devastator took my breath away. But everything else was a total bore and a little difficult to watch in IMAX (even though I was sitting far back).

      People complained that it was difficult to make sense of the action in the first movie on a regular screen. Multiply that by 100 in IMAX.

      I might watch it again on DVD. But I don’t think I’ll go back and see it in a regular theater to try and catch anything I missed. It’s WAY too long and full of itself.

  6. Albert

    I watched this with somewhat high hopes…and nearly walked out. If I wasn’t required to stay to tech-screen the print, I would have. Even after it was over, I thought about going up to the booth and burning it to save everyone the embarrassment of possibly enjoying a thoroughly horrible experience…

  7. Chris

    Wow it doesn’t sound all that great. I don’t keep up on entertainment news so I had no idea it was slated as being so awful. Seems I’ll catch it on DVD and save my money.

  8. matthallphd

    That painting looks really, really good there.

  9. chuckers

    Ever thought of selling those paintings? You might be able to create an income from that.
    Those ARE pretty cool.

  10. Alexander Burns

    Those paintings are very cool.

    I’ll be skipping Transformers 2. I only watched the first one because my 8-year-old nephew brought it over and made me watch it. I love Transformers, but these movies are just bad.

    Looking forward to Moon, though! And the Larry David movie that I keep forgetting the name of.

    • Tom

      Thanks for the compliments on the paintings, guys.

      I haven’t thought of selling them. I guess because it was a custom job for our house, you know? I need context to paint something. Maybe if a friend asked for something specific, I’d whip something up for them. But off the top of my head, I can’t think of a design that I could sell off the back of a truck.

      For me, it’s more about how the whole room works and how the paintings fit in that context.

      Maybe I should become an interior decorator?

  11. Seattle Geekly

    1) The painting is really cool!

    2) Sorry you wasted your time and money on Transformers 2. One of the most accurate reviews I saw of the first one was that it looked like someone took two giant balls of car parts, rolled them down a hill and then filmed it in extreme close up. Haven’t seen the second one yet (and I’m in no hurry to do so) but it sounds like that still holds true.

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