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I couldn't think of an appropriate image to continue the punchline in today's comic, so I decided to draw a picture of Ron Burgundy from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Hey, "When in Rome, right?"

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As for Ferrell being pantless in the last panel... no real reason for that. I just kind of imagine Will Ferrell to be the kind of guy to walk into a negotiation without pants on. You know... for a cheap laugh.

I'm aware that a lot of the traffic coming into the site today is coming from F My Life and I just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Alice and the rest of the crew there for giving me the opportunity to illustrate one of their entries. Their profile on the site was a nice touch, too.

Alice and I had some funny back-and-forth working on this comic. Originally, I illustrated a comic for this FML about a guy being dumped by a girl who wants to date Edward from Twilight. Not someone "like" Edward. She wanted to date Edward specifically.

Anyway, due to a miscommunication, it turns out that particular FML had already been illustrated. But Alice gave me another crack at it and I drew a comic for the FML about a guy who goes to a high-end hair salon and ends up walking out of the place with Spock's haircut from Star Trek.

Alice was nice enough to include BOTH comics in their profile write-up of Theater Hopper and you should really check it out!

I want to let the people who are coming to the site know that today's comic is kind of a one-off and it doesn't actually feature the two guys in the first two panels all the time. They're supporting characters I use to represent the idiocy in Hollywood.

The real story can be found on the Cast page where the profiles of Tom, Cami, Jared and the other lead characters can be found. Not only does the Cast page include short bios, but it also includes links to popular story lines featuring these characters. So if you're looking for a place to start with Theater Hopper, that's a great introduction.

Also, don't overlook our Top 25 Comics as voted on by our readers. The Top 10 tend to shuffle around a bit as it's a new feature and not every comic is ranked evenly just yet.

But to make things more interesting, the page also lists the 10 LEAST popular comics as well as the Top 10 comics that have accumulated the most votes. It's a fun way to skip around the site.

I'm not sure what else to say at the moment except that I'm writing this blog post pretty late. So I'm having trouble putting together any thoughts about Land of the Lost or the surprising comedy hit, The Hangover.

Come back to the site later in the day for more insights and don't forget to check out my weekly podcast - The Triple Feature - at 9:00 PM CST. If you want to hear three guys talk about movies for an hour, it's time well spent!