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  1. Scott

    I doubt I’ll be hitting up the theater for the next several weeks unless “Away We Go” comes to town.

  2. Thomas

    Transformers 2 is out in the UK today and I have to say it really does stomp on just about every other summer blockbuster its not subtle, you still want to kill the parents (just to save the film from any more embarrassing “comedy” moments) and at times you just want Bay to hire a second director to handle the charicter moments (one that doesn’t blind you with lens flair would be nice…) but it does exactly what it says on the hyper armor plated cover. Giant Robots kicking the screws out of each other

  3. totalmoviefreak

    I can’t wait for the Proposal. I don’t care that it’s formulaic and that Bullock’s been doing these movies for forever. I enjoy them as just light fun. I’ll watch any rom com she makes.

    Oh and I saw Away We Go yesterday and it was amazing. One of Mendez best. I think everyone should see it.

  4. LoneHowler

    A bunch of friends want to get together and see a movie this weekend. So I may go with them and see year one although I’m no jack black fan

  5. sorcerermickey

    Awww… Why can’t we get an Incentive Sketch of Sandra Bullock’s abs, dang it!

  6. MrMighty

    I would go watch Sandra Bullock read the phone book. There is nothing about “Year One” that compels me to go see it – I can see Michael Cera and Jack Black being good in other movies on DVD if I want. As for “Transformers”, the first was a fun mess to watch, but I don’t see myself dragging my butt to go see the new one.

  7. Relaxing Dragon
    Relaxing Dragon

    Year One I’m tempted to see, as I thought the trailer was pretty funny. Though the buzz I’m hearing is pretty low, so I may take a pass (rough times these days, gotta spend my ticket money wisely). Of course, that’s also what I’ve been hearing about Dead Snow, and I’m still seeing that (as soon as it finds a theater around here. We’ve got Moon, why not that?). As for Transformers, much like the previous one, I plan on ignoring it. Nothing against the idea, Michael Bay, or Shia (I like Shia. You heard me), I’m just not at all interested in the movie.

  8. Glen Newman
    Glen Newman

    I thought exactly the same as Tom when I first saw the trailer for The Proposal but then I thought why can’t Sandra Bullock get Ryan Renolds? As Tom said we see it with older leading male actors all the time why not the other way round? And it’s only 12 years between them, it’s not a Sean Connery/Catherine Zeta Jones difference. (I can’t, for the life of me, remember the name of that movie right now)

    We got Transformers 2 today and while there’s little character development and the plot is stoopid (yes I meant to type it that way), the action is insane. “Did Optimus Prime just flip Starscream over his head and dropkick him in mid air?” “Yes. Yes he did”

  9. Andre

    Glen, you’re talking about Entrapment.

    I’ll be seeing Year One this weekend, and hopefully Away We Go too as I really like John Krasinski (big The Office fan here!). Will definitely see Transformers 2 in IMAX sometime next week too.

  10. Tom

    Entrapment is probably one of the most egregious May/December “romances” ever filmed. Although, truthfully, it was more of a mentorship.

    Check out Autumn in New York. Richard Gere, Winona Ryder and their 22 year age difference. Truthfully, that’s not too bad. But Ryder looked A LOT younger at the time.

  11. Paul


    “Alter” alters the meaning entirely “;-)

    We will be going on Father’s Day, after I mow the lawn

  12. FSugino

    Saw The Proposal this morning, and I gotta say that Sandra is still a hottie. There’s a scene featuring her hiding her privates with a massage mitt and she looks in great shape.

  13. Tom

    Oh, I wouldn’t kick Sandra out of bed for eating crackers, you know what I mean?

  14. Bodyguard

    Funny as usual. Ever going to do the ustream again?

  15. Alexander Burns

    Sandra Bullock did something strange to her face that I can’t quite pinpoint. Nose job, maybe?

    Year One is pretty terrible. I’d recommend skipping it. There’s basically one joke spread out over 100 minutes, filled in with a lot of boring attempts at humor.

  16. Tom


    Sandra’s face was something I was going to write about in the blog, but forgot to mention. There certainly appears to be a… tightening going on that’s a little unnatural. She used to have very soft features. Now, like Julia Roberts, she appears more harsh.


    Thanks for the compliment. I don’t know if I’ll Ustream again anytime soon. I feel this ridiculous pressure to perform, even though I understand that is not the audience’s expectation.

    Maybe if there was more demand for Ustreaming? I dunno. I should just do it as a matter of course. If I’m putting the comic together anyway, what harm does it do to record it? People can pop in and pop out as they please.

  17. Bowler

    every time Bullock and Reynolds were close to each other in the Proposal i got the feeling that she looks/acts too old to be his fiance/girlfriend … looks like i’m not the only one

  18. Steve

    I can’t believe you mentioned Autumn in New York… UGH. My wife and I watched that recently because she’ll occasionally rent a random romantic movie with someone familiar in it, and every time my point is proved: 99% of these movies have the SAME PLOT with a couple little different details. But in this movie, those details happened to be weird and slightly disturbing. Not to mention the HORRIBLE dialogue… we all agreed the movie sucked. Funny thing is, it never mentioned on the back of the box that she could be his daughter!

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