A few things I forgot to mention in the first post:

  1. A few people were congratulating me last Friday for reaching my 700th comic. Actually, that was a typo because I accidentally counted Wendesday’s “Boo hoo! My computer is FUBAR!” messages as an comic. I’ve made the correct and TODAY’S comic is my 700th – which is mind-numbing to think about.

    I think the last time I celebrated the number of comics I posted was 400 or probably 500. But anymore, I think I’m just into celebrating anniversaries. You’ll hear from me again about it on August 5.

  2. Don’t forget to call in and listen to The Triple Feature talkcast tonight at 9:00 PM CST over at Talkshoe. I pretty much plan on giving the floor to Joe to talk about Live Free or Die Hard because it sounds like he had a blast at that movie and I want him to tell us all about it.

    We’ll probably be talking about Transformers, too – if you’re interested. Join in and talk to us live!

  3. It’s kind of a long story about how it came into my possession, but I’m auctioning off an 8GB iPhone on eBay and the auction ends around 10:00 PM tonight. So if you’re interested or know someone that might be interested, bid away!

For the love of God, PLEASE bid. The longer this thing stays in my house, the more I want to love it in unnatural ways.