Paul Blart: Mall Cop, fart, weakness, undoing

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  1. Jimmy Russell
    Jimmy Russell

    I like Kevin James and I do want to see Paul Blart but it’s a DVD rental for sure. Nothing about it screams “see me on a big screen!” but then I guess a lot of movies don’t scream that.

    I’m also all for Cami blogging on here. I always love to hear what the other half thinks about films and even things not 100% related to films. The Brazelton media empire. I like it. 🙂

  2. the mah
    the mah

    i actually saw it on opening night, the film starts off slow, but it does pick up with a few good laughs, and some parts were flat, some of james’ one liners were just weak, but overall its about at least a 7, but maybe im giving it too much credit, but yeah not too bad

    and having cami doing some blogging is a welcome treat, i would like to see what the other half also thinks as well.

  3. David

    Paul Blart? eehhhhhh. no thanks. But get Cami on the site. That’d be cool. And enjoy your time together at the movies! Tell us what you think of Last Chance Harvey too.

  4. Dr. Halpinstein
    Dr. Halpinstein

    Who am I to tell you how you run your successful website? So far you’ve done the job right so keep going with what you feel works.

    On an unrelated side note holy #### it’s really snowing out there.

  5. Drew

    I would love to see a Cami blog. She is, after all, a major character in the comic. I’d like to get to hear her firsthand views on movie-related topics.

  6. Jeff

    Cami? Sure… but I want to see the kid blogging!

    • Tom

      Henry will probably be blogging in the next year or so. Right now, he needs to learn how to wipe his butt first. 😉

  7. Pete

    Cami blogging? Absolutely.

  8. rocketgrrl

    Cami blogging would be great. And get a Dyson vacuum. The best $500 I ever spent. It is awesome. Ive had it for 5 years and no problems at all

  9. Nate

    Kevin James is a funny guy. He needs more roles and it is nice to see friends working together and helping each other out in Hollywood.

    Cami blogging would be fun, making your site more open. Shes a regular character, so it would make sense.

  10. Jacob Moore
    Jacob Moore

    Hearing from Cami would be more than welcome.

  11. Molnek

    You missed a great opportunity to just mash the keyboard like 20 times and claim it was Henry and how proud you are of him Tom. Then you could have put one word in the nonsense and been all like “My boy can spell!”

  12. Jerus Hakubi
    Jerus Hakubi

    If she’s as adorable in blog format as she is in comic format then bring her in

  13. Stacy

    I think Cami blogging on here would be awesome! Just don’t forget about the comic while you’re going for your masters, I would miss it too much. XD Yay for Cami!

    • Tom

      Sometimes I worry that I might be spreading myself too thin, so I appreciate your caution.

      Actually, it could be beneficial for Cami to blog and pick up the slack when I can’t string two sentences together for a blog. But the comic will always be there. Scout’s honor.

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