Hey, gang. I just wanted to send a quick reminder to everyone to listen to tonight’s broadcast of The Triple Theater at 9:00 PM CST over at Talkshoe. And to help keep your memory fresh, I wanted to take a moment to outline the two new DVDs we’ll be giving away to people who either listen in live or download the show before Wednesday.

Wild Hogs - Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy

First up is Wild Hogs. The star-studded cast of this hit comedy includes Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macyas four suburban couch jockeys who suffer from mid-life crises and take motorcycles to the American asphalt expecting nothing but fun and adventure.But being an easy rider isn’t so easy, especially after a chance encounter with the real-life Del Fuegos biker gang proves just how lame and tame the Hogs really are.

From what I’ve heard, Ray Liotta steals the show as the leader of the rival biker gang. If for nothing else, he’s the reason to check out this film.

If your curious about the movie, here are a few clips you can watch:

The Ex - Zach Braff, Amanda Peet, Jason Bateman, Charles Grodin, Mia Farrow, Donald Logue, Amy Poehler, Amy Adams, Fred Armisen

The other DVD we have for you tonight is The Ex. Tom Reilly (Zach Braff) and his wife Sofia (Amanda Peet) are in for some major changes now that they have a newborn. As a lawyer, Sofia has always provided a comfortable living while Tom has contributed love, support and the occasional paycheck. When Sofia decides to be a stay-at-home mom all that changes. Tom moves the family to Ohio to work for his father-in-law (Charles Grodin). His boss, Chip (Jason Bateman), happens to still carry a torch for Sofia from their high school days. Chip will stop at nothing to see Tom defeated while no one but Tom can see Chip for the evil genius he is. Through it all Tom’s esteem is depleted, his manhood challenged (by a surprisingly large adversary) and he’s watching his family slip away.

Ever since Arrested Development, Jason Bateman has been a favorite of mine. Hey, I’m just as surprised as you thank I’m enamored with the guy from The Hogan Family and Teen Wolf, Too. But guess what? The guy is hilarious in damn near everything he’s in.

So there you have it. Those are the DVDs I have available for giveaway.

Be sure to listen to The Triple Feature over at TalkShoe tonight at 9:00 PM CST for the first half of a clue that will put you in the running. Then come back here on Wednesday for the second half of the clue. Put both clues together and send them to me at theaterhopper@hotmail.com along with your name, age and mailing address. And please keep your contest entries seperate – one for Wild Hogs and one for The Ex. It will help me keep things organized.

Thanks again and we’ll see you at The Triple Feature tonight!