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  1. Randomluck

    >>Let me say this: In terms of movies that make reading the fulcrum point of their plot, there’s only one >>movie worth talking about, okay? And that movie is The Never Ending Story.

    I have to disagree with you on this one….The Princess Bride. Come on, Peter Falk reading a story to his grandkid! And its hilarious to boot. Plus, I’ve never heard anyone quote a line from NeverEnding Story, but Princess Bride it all the time.

    • Tom

      I was name-checking The Never-Ending Story more as a goof. But if you’re taking the proposal seriously, then yes, I’d have to agree with you about The Princess Bride.

      Shamefully, The Princess Bride never entered into my thoughts as I was writing today’s blog. Even though I watch it probably once a year and haven’t watched The Never-Ending Story since I was 9 years-old. So kudos to you for reminding me of it.

  2. chipper

    Now I’m torn. However The Never Ending Story impacts upon Bastian’s real life so I think it trumps The Princess Bride which only really impacts on Fred Savage’s imagination.

    Tom triumphs unwittingly!

  3. Joe Decker
    Joe Decker

    Yea, I totally agree. People are expecting a lot out of our new leader and I fear that they will turn on him when the world isn’t saved in a 2 week period. It is going to take at least 2 years for us to see the fruits of his labors. We’re laying the ground work for something and we just need to stick by him and see this through.

  4. David

    So I love the Never-Ending Story, I got the dvd recently, re-watched it, and it is still amazing. I don’t understand the hate.
    Princess Bride is good, but mostly because the characters are ridiculous. Never-Ending Story is just an amazing concept and well executed. perfect? no, but I love it.

  5. Hilary

    Have you seen the film yourself Tom? I haven’t personally, but it’s based on an incredibly good book by Cornelia Funke and will be checking it out myself. It looks to be a step up from The Mummy and Journey to the centre of the earth at least!

    • Tom

      I haven’t read the book or seen the film. Not to pooh-pooh it, but my patience for fantasy movies pretty much ran out of steam around the time The Spiderwick Chronicles came out. It doesn’t help that Fraser hasn’t managed to diversify himself over his last few performances. He’s starting to grate on me with his choices.

  6. Tom

    No hate on my end for The Never-Ending Story.

  7. Nate

    Brandon Fraser is the kind of actor who is in movies that my mom loves and she loves watching with me. He brightens her days and he isn’t bad. His movies are not all bad. Inkheart looks like it could be some fun and frankly, that is a power I would not mind having. Reading out of a Psych book would make my classes much easier having them explain it to me.

  8. Vincent

    My brother read Inkheart the book. He said that in an interview, the author said that Silvertongue looks like Brendan Frasier.

    So him being cast as the lead is technically just being true to the author’s vision. It also happens to fit into the genre he seems to be in a lot recently.

  9. Jim

    I kinda worry about all the people thinking that Obama is going to make a huge difference. The man is just a politician after all, it’s not like he’s ever actually done anything significant other than getting elected. I wish him well and support him, but I’m a bit afraid of the backlash when people realize he doesn’t actually walk on water.

  10. Kyle Voltti
    Kyle Voltti

    I saw Fraiser on Ellen this morning……. seemed like he was hiiiiigh as a kite.

  11. Brendan


    I’m sorry to sound rude, but really…REALLY.

    Other than that, on the day of the inauguration, I saw a Warhol-knockoff collage of tinted photos of Obama…I chuckled when I passed it, until it really hit me, “oh, my God…this is of the president of the United States.”

    • Tom

      Well, I don’t think we’re idiots… but that’s fair to be called out on it.

      He just has one of those unfortunate names. Brendon sounds a like like Brandon and Fraser sounds a lot like that show about the radio psychologist from Seattle…

      And regarding the Obama collage… Henry Rollins used to talk about how lame President Bush was and how cool it would be if you admired your President like you admired your favorite rock star. I think Obama is that rock star. I wouldn’t be ashamed to wear a t-shirt with his face on it and would probably throw him the horns for an exquisitely executed piece of policy reform!

  12. KP

    I read Inkheart and didn’t think it was all that good. So why would I see a movie starring a less-than-entertaining actor?

  13. Brim

    usually I love your cartoons and your commentary on movies, but please stay off the subject of politics and our condescending new president. Your choosing of him only shows your political ignorance. Once again, I ask that you stick with the movies and leave politics out of it.

    • Tom

      I appreciate your request, Brim. But I cannot honor it.

      For starters, it’s my site, so I’ll say what I please. Just because the subject matter is largely about movies does not exclude me from commenting on other facets of the world.

      Secondly, who is more condescenging – Our new President, or you? Someone who accuses others of being “politically ignorant?” If you truly find him condescening, you have more in common with the man than you might realize.

  14. Brim

    First of all I want to apologize for my comment. Your right my tone and wording choice was condescending and calling you politically ignorant was foolish.
    I am deeply involved in politics and coming from the other side of the aisle, I am constantly reminded of the horror (stimulus package going to fund domestic and international abortions, de-weaponizing space when china is doing the opposite, reaching out to and validating Chavez , the list goes on) that the new president is bringing to our country and I usually go to your comic or Joe’s to escape from reality.
    Again I apologize and will continue to read and enjoy your comics and overlook the politics.

    • Tom

      Thanks for your words. I appreciate the apology. I, too, wish to apologize if I came off too harsh.

      I understand the value of escape. Especially if you are involved in politics and invested in the state of the world. Hey, I am, too! At this point, as a citizen, you can’t afford not to be. Certainly we don’t have to agree about Obama, policy or anything else. But asking me to censor myself because you disagree with me won’t fly, either.

      I try not to push my politics on people, but the comic and the blog is a reflection of my thoughts as much as anything else. I do myself no favors by limiting myself to certain topics. For example, I wouldn’t be able to explore Jimmy’s back story in this upcoming arc if I were to keep the topic *strictly* about movies.

      90% of the time it’s going to be about movies. For the 10% of the time that I wander off the path, that’s just to mix it up and keep it interesting. I’m not going out of my way to set people off.

      No harm, no foul. Thanks for reading.

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