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  1. John

    The transition from animation to live action isn’t unheard of. Rob Minkoff moved to live action after directing the Lion King (Stuart Little movies). Adam Adamson directed the first 2 Narnia movies after Shrek. Andrew Stanton is working directed the coming John Carter (of Mars). Something tells me that Brad Bird will be the most successful though.

  2. Matt T
    Matt T

    What I took from MI4 this weekend were a few things. One, Brad Bird needs to direct more action flicks! The action was amazing and the plot was just there enough to drive the action (and was so slight and small that it didn’t overwhelm the action in the off moments). In many ways it was like watching a live-action Incredibles. Two, see this on the BIGGEST screen you can. It was fun whenever the screen would go from standard wide to filling the full screen: you just knew the action was on! Three, they did a pretty good job at starting a transition from Cruise to Renner if they do keep the franchise going. It wasn’t in-your-face obvious at all. Four, I’m now looking forward to Renner as Bourne II (Aaron something?). I think he’ll be able to handle the role quite well (though whether the script will be any good…

    • Jason Harris

      This reply says what I was going to say more eloquently.

      The movie was great, tons of fun, and had some of the best action sequences I’ve seen in years. Easily in the top 3 action movies of 2011, and I say that just because I assume I forgot something awesome.

      Oh, and even if the Dark Knight clip wasn’t on IMAX, it would be worth the IMAX money. The Burj Khalifa scenes gave me vertigo they looked so awesome.

  3. Ben

    Looks like you channeled some Victor into the bonus sketch :-). And congratulations on all the heavy traffic. As for the new MI, haven’t caught it yet, but love Simon Pegg, so will most likely check it out eventually. Keep on sketching.

  4. Brian Lewis
    Brian Lewis

    I thought that the new MI was good. I saw it on IMAX but the theater didn’t show anything for Dark Knight Rises :(. I thought there was supposed to be something, but I just wanted to really see the movie as I have enjoyed Brad Bird in the past. I’ve been recommending it to all my friends.

    The IMAX was worth the extra price as the action scenes were breathtakingly shot.

  5. Bryan

    I would have to agree with Ben that when i saw the bonus skecth I thought he looked a bit like Victor.

    but, you know, shorter. 🙂

    • Tom

      I see what you did there!! 😀

  6. Jamey

    The Batman Prologue is *definitely* not a trailer, so keep that in mind. For those with an IMAX near them who consider themselves Batman fans, it is a MUST SEE. It’s a little short film that (as you would imagine from the name) happens between the last and the upcoming movies. My friend and I agreed afterwards that the Batman Prologue was worth the $12.50, and the MI:GP screening afterwards was a nice bonus.

  7. Liz B.
    Liz B.

    I didn’t know about the Dark Knight Rises prologue! Now I HAVE to see MI:GP. I was going to wait till it came out on DVD. Honestly, if Simon Pegg’s in a film, chances are I’m going to see it. He’s wonderful.

    Also, nice reference to All the President’s Men. If I hadn’t planned on hosting my holiday screening of Die Hard tonight, I’d most likely be rewatching ATPM.

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