For better or for worse, Topher Grace has pretty much become the most likable milksop in Hollywood. So that he was cast as the lead in this 80’s nostalgia piece meets a tepid response from me at best.

But throwing Anna Faris into the mix with a comedic supporting role raises my eyebrow a little bit. I’m not convinced that she’s the most effective comedic lead, but when you let her off the chain in a supporting role, watch out. Anyone who has seen Just Friends can attest to this. Pair her with Chris Pratt and now you have my interest.

Ohhh-ho-ho, but then you had to go and ruin it, didn’t you Hollywood? Casting Dan Fogler as the slovenly best friend? AGAIN?! Look, I know this guy is a Tony winner, but apparently he has fallen victim to the worst case of typecasting in the business right now. Every time he turns up in a movie, I cringe.

Do you guys remember Curtis Armstrong? They guy that played Booger in the Revenge of the Nerd movies? Yeah. Dan Fogler is this generation’s Curtis Armstrong.

What’s your opinion of Take Me Home Tonight?