Originally the word on the street was that the trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man wasn’t supposed to hit the web (ha!) until Thursday. Conventional wisdom placed it ahead of Captain America: The First Avengers when it launches in theaters on Friday.

But lo-and-behold! It’s here a day early! Enjoy!

I’ll say that the trailer hits a couple of different notes with me. Some work, some don’t.

Meeting the young Peter Parker at the beginning plays a little too much like Harry Potter to me. Then, fast forwarding a few years to the present day, we’re confronted by Andrew Garfield’s wild haystack of hair and I get a distinct Twilight vibe.

But after that, I think the trailer shapes up very nicely. Right away, you can tell that Marc Webb’s version is grounded a little more in reality. At least in terms of casting Peter as the outsider. Garfield barely even utters a line of dialogue. Mostly he keeps his head down like a beat dog. I find that kind of endearing. It’s certainly a stark contrast from widdle Tobey Maguire’s wounded puppy-dog routine in Sam Raimi’s original.

I’ll also give credit to Webb’s use of the first-person in Spider-Man’s sprint across the city rooftops.

The cynic in me could honestly have done without everything leading up to that moment in the trailer. I think if we were only give the first person shot, it would have taken the audience to catch on that we were actually seeing the city through the eyes of Spider-Man. Then, when his reflection is revealed, I think people would have gone through the roof. But maybe that’s just me.

What’s your take on this trailer?