My wife and I also saw Bewitched on Saturday night. Patti wanted to go to it bad enough that she endoured the Friday night show of Land of the Dead.

Bewitched – Be Boring. Okay, the inherent problem within the story is that Will Ferrell’s character gets too much screen time and Nicole Kidman’s character doesn’t do much of anything. I felt this was echoed and even magnified for the actual movie.

Some of the effects were cool – such as Michael Caine’s appearances in the grocery store, but it would take many more tricks to make this film interesting.

The end of the movie is a little sketchy for me as I was fighting sleep. I was doing those little head bobs during the last fifteen minutes of this movie, but I’m fairly certain I only missed a bunch of talking and an obvious ending. This A-list cast couldn’t wiggle their noses and save this script.

Land of the Dead: I am a fan of this series and am also pretty certain that the dead will walk one day, but this film was just okay. I’d say it was much better than Day of the Dead, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Night of the Living Dead or Dawn of the Dead (original or remake). If they have spent so much time with Zombies and are short on supplies, why do they fire 30 rounds on full automatic into the torsos of the Zombies? Use your head man! (and shoot theirs!)