I know that talking about ads that aired on the Super Bowl three days after the fact is like asking you to study ancient Sanskrit in internet terms, but I’m getting caught up, okay? I’m not going to dig into ever trailer that aired during Sunday’s game. Just the spots that got my attention. And I’d say – out of all of them – the trailer for Captain America is the one to beat.

The spot is cut together pretty fast. It’s almost “you blink and you miss it” fast. But I think it hits all the right notes in terms of flashing iconic images of Cap’s shield and The Red Skull unmasking himself. These image do what a good teaser clip should – they make us want to see more of the movie.

I’m still a little freaked out by Chris Evans’s gigantic head on a tiny body, but the effect is otherwise seamless. I’m also a little disturbed that the Super Solider serum apparently gives you boobs. But that’s neither here nor there.

What was your impression of the Captain America trailer? Leave your comments below!