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  1. killa_kid

    Black Swan was really good. I saw it in a packed theatre in downtown Toronto. It was the only theatre I could find in this entire area playing it (I lived in the suburbs of Toronto).

    It is an excellent mind trip, with a few disturbing scenes. Believe me, the audience will cringe at a few moments. There is the lesbian hook up, but it is not gratuitous in anyway. It genuinely is there for the story. The movie has some very sexual/sensual themes and moments, but there is no nudity. Which really did surprise me. Also, it also fits the definition of a psychological horror movie, then anything else. I was amazed to find out Darren Aronofsky didn’t write it himself. It just felt like he had as I was watching it.

    I suggest you see it. It is a quality movie, that lives up to the hype.

  2. Sara

    I was hesitant to see The Black Swan as well…though for different reasons. Being a first-time mother of a teething infant, I’ve come to the realization that sleep is just a distant hazy memory and that I will never again have an uninterrupted 8 hours ever again. That being said, I’ve somehow honed the skill of watching trailers and guessing (with embarassing accuracy) the plot twist in the movies in order to spare myself the time and use it for more constructive activities.

    Like pacing my living room for the ump-teenth time, or (if the Gods feel like I’ve earned it) I may actually be able to grab a nap.

    That being said, I did guess the plot twist in Black Swan, but still thoroughly enjoyed the film. Yes, there is the infamous scene between Portman and Kunis, but it’s over quickly, it’s not kinky with naked bits flashing everywhere, and it’s actually done very well. It’s there, part of the story, and then it moves on so that you can get on with what comes next…and there’s a LOT of other things in the movie that happens after that!

    Overall, I definately suggest that you go ahead and see it!

  3. Liz

    I saw Black Swan a few weeks after it came out, mainly because it took me that long to find someone who would go with me. I ended up going with two guys, and I bribed one of them into coming by informing him “Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis make out!” He was instantly sold. In the end, though, the three of us all enjoyed it. The lesbian scene is done very tastefully, and it’s not gratuitous. It’s necessary to the plot, and then the plot moves on. It’s really a great movie, and whether the Academy voters are sheep or not, Portman deserves the Oscar. Not to mention, there’s a lot of ballet. There’s a lot more going on, obviously (it’s Aronofsky, after all), but the center of the movie is a prima ballerina struggling with the pressure of being cast as a lead.

  4. Megan

    I went last weekend with my lady friends and boyfriend. Originally intended to go as a ladies night since I assumed none of my guy friends would want to see some silly ballet movie for gurls.

    Happy to say, it was fantastic. We all had cringe moments, and I was surprised how graphically reasonable the sexy-time scene was done. Hot without pandering too much. And the rest, in a comfortably Aronofsky kind of way, was dark and tense and I loved every second of it. Well scripted and shot. The costumes were fantastic. I’m sometimes on the fence with Natalie Portman, but I think she did an amazing job in this, and definitely deserves an Oscar.

    It’s very very VERY much worth it to go see it in the theatres, even if you have to fake an excuse to go with someone else. You’ll regret NOT going later.

    Hell, I’ma go again later this week. It’s like that.

    • Tom

      That’s an excellent endorsement!

      I also approve of the use use of the phrase “lady friends.” 🙂

      • Megan

        It may have been only a lady friend group of three due to mass illness in my area, but we were stong.

        Little known fact: a group (5 or more) of Lady Friends is a Lady Swarm. Lady Swarms are very dangerous, as the collective levels of estrogen can easily muddle and confuse the unwary male. Often found at weddings, eyeing bouquets and garters. An optimal tool for snaring the male unawares.

  5. Alexander Burns

    I didn’t even get that far with my wife. The commercials come on and she glares at me.

    • Tom

      Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!! 😀

  6. PkmnTrainerJ

    I haven’t heard of the kiss until you mentioned it, but Mrs. Pkmn has expressed an interest in seeing it, so we shall go now that I know I won’t be bored.

    Actually, I like Natalie Portman as an actress in pretty much everything I’ve seen her in, so don’t need a secondary reason.

  7. Jacob

    I think the best endorsement I’ve heard is that it’s like a liveaction/ballet version of Kon’s Perfect Blue.

  8. James Tracy
    James Tracy

    I viewed Black Swan and thought…meh, more like “Lame Duck”.

    • Tom


      *rim shot*

  9. David

    I honestly loved Black Swan. The best way to describe my feelings when it ended:


    I can’t imagine it playing nearly as well on a normal tv setup. See this in theaters, you won’t regret it. Portman is at her best, to the point I didn’t know how good she was until it was over. Wonderful direction and camerawork too, it’s really well done and the ballet is shown in a way rarely done (up close and personal, with camera following).

  10. Gray

    I haven’t seen Black Swan but a friend of mine went and saw it and she said it was ‘unintentionally funny.’
    Also, are there any adult theaters left in the country???

  11. Liam

    “There should have been more of a twist at the end. Maybe a bottle of Jergen’s falling out of Tom’s pocket, or something. “I HAVE DRY SKIN!” could have been his defense. Alas, I finished too early.”

    And you were left with a mess on your hands.

  12. Thomas

    LOL, the Jergen’s joke would have made this hilarious

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