The red band trailer for Cameron Diaz’s Bad Teacher came out recently and it’s so completely ridiculous, I had to share it with you.

The gist of it is basically that Cameron Diaz swears a lot. Awkwardly. Is anyone convinced by this “bad-girl” persona she’s slapped on? This performance seems specifically designed to counter-act Diaz’s bubbly Every Girl reputation. Instead it comes off as contrived.

Justin Timberlake is acting so unbelievable goofy, it’s like he wandered out of a Saturday Night Live sketch.

In fact, I can’t decide if this movie is supposed to be straight up satire or if we’re supposed to take any of the characters seriously?

Jason Segel appears to be approaching his role with some sincerity and, as Forgetting Sarah Marshall proved, he’s endlessly endearing as the underdog.

But from this trailer, it looks like casting Diaz was a mistake. Whatever they’re selling, I’m not buying. To me it looks like some vain attempt to make Diaz relevant again by shocking us into paying attention. She’s like Madonna, or something.

What do you guys think of Bad Teacher? Is it a Bad Santa knock off or something worse? It Diaz at all believable in this role? Leave your comments below!

UPDATE: If anyone needs proof that Cameron Diaz is desperate to reinvent herself as a bad girl, check out this headline from The Huffington PostCameron Diaz On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’: ‘I Love Porn!’