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  1. Tom

    Had to go look it up, but I haven’t seen Jennifer Anniston in anything as interesting as “The good Girl”

  2. Haase

    Office Space anyone?

  3. historyman68

    It kind of looks like Cami is reading off cue cards in panel 2. I had to look again to realize they were envelopes. Though Cami reading off cue cards would be kind of a funny setup for a joke in any case…

  4. MzGambit

    yeah… i’m convinced that’s all Jen really has to offer… i mean come on… Friends was a very successful show but what was her characters thing…. Pheobe was the weird one, Monica was the Neat Neurotic one, Joey was the Player, Chandler was the toadie with all the quirky one liners, Ross was the smart one who also was horrible at relationships… and then there’s Rachel… “the poster girl for failed relationships” the sitcom starts off with her crying in a wedding dress… from that point down to the very last show…. it was the same PLOT!!!! forget 2 hour movie… try 10 years of being stuch in that label. oh well… C’est la vie!

  5. Andre

    As Tom said in his comment, Anniston showed she can act in The Good Girl. That was a pretty good movie and it certainly wasn’t a rom-com… 😉

  6. Ruby

    Also liked Anniston in ‘dinner with friends’ not a rom-com, just a com, but she was pretty funny in it, a fan of Eckhart good actor,but bad choices, meet bill, towelhead, neverwas, not looking forward to ‘Battle L.A’ either.

  7. demonfafa

    To be fair, Aniston did “Derailed” but that film was not received too well (I liked it, though) so she’s not doing only comedies.

    But let’s face it: For Aniston, Sandra Bullock and other 40+ bony women whose appeal wanes as they get older, the role pickings are going to be slim. I mean, she’s not going to be doing action films, thrillers where she has to run in heels, or war movies. At this point, she just needs to pull a Katherine Hepburn and stay out of movies for a while.

  8. Mel

    Skip this one and rent No Reservations. He’s great in that, Catherine Zeta Jones is kinda meh, but Abigail Breslin plays the kid. It’s good and it kept me thinking for a few days after.

  9. Fnnogg

    I saw Aaron Eckhart in person a couple years ago, in Bozeman, Montana, no less. At a Montana State University football game. No joke. And he was taking pictures of ME. Well me and my fellow members of the marching band. I don’t think anybody walking past him recognized him, but this was before Dark Knight came out.

  10. colin

    You know, you can pretend “No Reservations” was never made… but it was.

  11. kingmonkey

    Your comment about the two-fisted, sailor-swearing Jen A.reminds me, for some reason, of Sarah Jessica Parker’s role in Strangers With Candy. Probably something to do with actors playing characters completely out of line with their norm.

  12. Marvaanagh

    Find and rent “Neverwas”. Excellent performances by both Aaron Eckhart and Ian McKellen

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