I’m becoming concerned that the audience for Theater Hopper isn’t what it could be. I see some of the more popular strips out there and wonder if there is something I could be doing differently.

The further I go with this hobby of mine, the more I admit to my pride in it’s longevity. I seriously never thought it would last past 50 strips. After kicking off this thing with the posters, I can see that there is a demand and support for things relating to Theater Hopper.

I want to push things further.

I’ve waffled back and forth about doing business with Top Web Comics from the first day I started Theater Hopper. At the time, I thought it was a shady business. There were too many controversies, too much vote whoring and generally a negative vibe about the place.

But I’ve passively observed it over the months and things have seem to have taken a turn for the better ever since the boys from True Nuff took over. It’s beginning to look like a professional venture.

I’ve always maintained that I’ve wanted Theater Hopper to succeed based on the merits of the work and not through shameless promotion. But I’m starting to soften my position. It’s like comparing it to a business. You feel strongly you have a superior product, but refuse to promote it in the Yellow Pages because you don’t like what it stands for. Think of the business you lose when no one can find you! Same goes here.

I’ve thought about kindling a relationship with the TWC on a short term basis – maybe just a month to see how it works out. In my mind’s eye, I see my regular readers voting for the site, propelling it into the Top 10 and giving others a taste of what they’ve been missing for so long. Whether or not that would actually happen, I can’t say for sure.

What do you have to say about it? Am I missing the benefits of hooking up with Top Web Comics? Please write to me with your opinions. Since this could possibly affect you, I would appreciate your feedback.

I guess my whole motivation behind this line of thought is because I feel if the site were more popular, it would force my hand into doing more things I’ve been meaning to do for a long time – that includes adding a forum or selling t-shirts. As things stand, my traffic doesn’t indicate that there would be enough of a community to support those ideas. But if the site were more popular it would be a moot point.

I just wanted to theorize out loud. Thanks for the indulgence.

In the meantime, if you write or draw for a web comic or know of a web comic that would like to trade links with me, drop me a line and I’ll make it happen.