Hey, guys. I want to try something really quick. I found this site called TagBlitz. It’s basically a promotion tool for web sites that gathers up links to all the social networking sites out there. I present the Tag Blitz link to you and then you go and catologue Theater Hopper among as many of the social networking sites out there as you please. You don’t have to be a member of TagBlitz or sign up for anything to participate. It’s free to use. But some of the social networking sites in it’s roster require you to have accounts with them before you can tag Theater Hopper in their system. Sites like Technorati, Del.icio.us and Furl are all in the mix.

Anyway, give it a try and see if you can help spread the word about Theater Hopper. I want to give this service a dry run to see how effective it is.

Thanks for your help!