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  1. Paul

    Will I be completely lost if I didnt’ see all the movies [some of which supposedly bombed (Thor)] that this movie combines?

    • Tom

      Not really. I would say The Avengers is pretty self-contained. They make references to the other films, but I don’t think it would diminish your experience if you hadn’t already seen them. It would enhance it certainly, but you won’t be lost if you haven’t.

    • Brian Arnold

      We took the time to watch Thor and Captain America before we went in to it (which we hadn’t seen until this weekend). I think it really enhanced our enjoyment of the film quite a bit.

      I would agree with Tom that it’s not truly absolutely necessary, but I think there’s significant parts that won’t make as much sense without watching them.

      • Tom

        What was really interesting about watching The Avengers with my wife is that she had absolutely NO interest in watching Thor or Captain American before we went to go see it.

        But after watching The Avengers, the first thing she said is “I think I would really like to watch Thor and Captain America” sometime.

        Now… maybe that’s because Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans are dreamboats. But I like to think The Avengers is just *that good*

        • LincM

          Hi Tom, Just got a chance to catch up here. Really sad to see you’re putting down the quill, but I respect you for making it noble and going out worthily: worthy of the 9+ years legacy, worthy of your following and very importantly, worthy of you and your artistic integrity.

          Now onto this: my wife and I kind of by accident watched Cap and Thor in the nights leading up to the release and were actually going to wait until the cinemas died down to see it in a quieter session (a luxury you weren’t afforded, it seems).

          I have to say that because of how good they both were (possibly in contrast to low expectation on account of the reviews), we were propelled to see it as soon as we could, going to the drive in and loved it! I still haven’t seen Incredible Hulk, and don’t really intend on it, but the films that paved the way, including Iron Man, were very well crafted to built to this and, while each is self contained, all of them is made better by The Avengers, and The Avengers is made better by having seen the foreshadowing.

    • maarvarq

      I saw The Avengers a few hours ago, not having seen the Hulk reboot or Captain America and didn’t much miss them much – the movie fills the audience in on what they need to know pretty quickly. See Thor if you get a chance – I really enjoyed it, and don’t miss The Avengers whatever you do!

      • kschenke

        Without giving anything away, a couple nice things I noticed about Avengers complimenting Captain America the movie was 1) the nod to Germans not being overtly evil (I’m German-American and I appreciate that) and 2) a moment close to the big battle where Cap and Iron Man have a one-on-one moment reminded me of the scene with Cap in the blown up bar. I’m being as vague as possible with my descriptions so as to not spoil details.

  2. kschenke

    We had the worst teenage girls in front of us. They shut up after the movie started for the most part, but we were there super early and they for at least an hour they were talking about how they wanted to sex up each of the male characters (everyone got posters at the imax showing), gossiping about their gay classmates and being generally obnoxious. It didn’t help that my phone was dying so I had very little distractions during these moments.

    Actually, towards the end of the movie people were getting louder and more chatty. I’ve found my biggest pet peeve in these cases is when audience members just repeat lines they thought were funny. Yes, Tony Stark’s line was funny… it’s not funny when YOU say it.

    My policy with talking during the movie is that you have to be comfortable with the person you’re talking to to get right right up next to their ear and whisper as absolutely softly as possible.

    • Tom

      After shushing the girls behind us, they quieted down, but still kept talking. They were whispering, but in that forced way that indicates the same amount of air is traveling over their vocal chords, just slightly pinched off.

      Y’know. Kind of like how a 5 year-old “whispers.”

  3. Sorcerer Mickey

    Q: Hop many “P”s in “Pepper”?
    A: More.

  4. Sorcerer Mickey

    Q: How many “W”s in “How”?

    • Tom

      See? It’s not easy, is it?!


  5. Alexander Burns

    My wife and I took off work and dropped the kid off at the daycare for it. There’s an AMC here that has these awesome Cinema Suites that I got tickets for. Not much more than regular price, and you get recliners, reserved seating, and a screen that doesn’t hold more than 50 people. It’s awesome. Best of all – no one under 21.

    I’m completely spoiled now. I don’t want to see movies any other way.

    • Tom

      I want to go to there.

  6. Neil

    “Cap responds with the line “Ma’am, there’s only ONE God and he doesn’t dress like that!”

    It’s a funny line, ruined somewhat for me when the guy sitting next to me responded “THAT’S RIGHT!””

    I’ve had my share of people sitting next to me that say things ‘like’ this and ruin things for me (like the guy sitting next to me, 2nd row of a George Carlin concert following every joke with the phrase “How do you like me now?”), but if I had overheard that, I think it would have made me start laughing. The line was corny enough, but “THAT’S RIGHT!”.

    • kschenke

      I live in Indiana and when I heard that I just knew a very vocal section of the local population was going to freak out at the line. It’s great in the movie because Cap is old-fashioned and is sort of fearless in facing these forces. Outside of the movie it can be easily misconstrued.

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