Some people were genuinely bummed out when the learned that Jared had moved on from his Shia-hate in Monday’s comic. That’s understandable. Hating ridiculous things can be fun sometimes.

I was fully prepared to leave it alone, though. Chalking it up to a slight push forward in Jared’s progression as a character.

And then, well… someone suggested Taylor Lautner as a replacement and I couldn’t resist.

Don’t get your hopes up too high. I’m not certain anything will actually come of it. But maybe the takeaway is that a tiger doesn’t change its stripes and perhaps Jared is permanently destined to arbitrarily hate a specific actor for the rest of his life?

That sounds kind of bleak. Let’s just say Taylor Lautner sucks and leave it at that.

Oh, and if you were at all confused by the title of today’s comic, please enjoy the following meme…

Llama, Taylor Lautner, meme
↓ Transcript
So I understand your reasons for giving up your campaign against Shia LaBeouf. I respect your decision...

But if you ever decide to get back into the irrational hatred game, save this one for your files, okay?