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  1. Paul

    YAY! Cardboard Iron Man is coming!

    • Jackson

      Cardboard Iron Man? Who even cares about that guy? If I don’t get my 50-page Truman Finds a Bone arc, I’m going to leave in a huff!

      AND I’m taking my unmerited sense of entitlement with me!

      • Tom

        Unmerited entitlement?

        Nooooo! That’s the best kind of entitlement!

  2. Mike

    Great story, Tom. You should have given him a copy of one of YOUR books. He seems like he has a decent sense of humor, I bet he would have liked it.

    • Tom

      A few people on Twitter suggested I give him some of my books, but I thought it was bad form without buying some of his. Of course, I guess I could have bought his books, but I never think clearly during shows. Blood sugar gets too low.

      I wonder if he would have kept them, though? Maybe. I guess Ryan Sohmer from Least I Could Do went to get a picture with him and Shia said he read his comics. So, who knows?!

  3. Frankie D.
    Frankie D.

    Don’t be fooled! He’s just so sinister!

    • Tom

      You have no idea how much I love that song. It’s my new favorite everything.

  4. Michael Kinyon
    Michael Kinyon

    OK, so I know Jackson was kidding above, but could we please have a quickie story (just one comic would be fine) wrapping things up for poor ol’ Truman? E.g., Tom telling him about the growing family or something like that. Pretty please?

    • Tom

      I think that’s very plausible. In fact, I have a good idea for it. It will be very sweet.

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