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  1. Andre

    Well, I’m sad. What will I do with my monday mornings, now?? With that said, you owe it to yourself to do what’s best for you and your family. Good luck with everything!

  2. Stuart Steedman
    Stuart Steedman

    Oh man, and just as I found your site at the end of last year and was really getting into it!

    • Tom

      Well, there are 1,000+ comics in the archive. If you haven’t had a chance to read them, now you can catch up! 🙂

      For what it’s worth, I plan on keeping the archives up indefinitely so others can continue to enjoy the site.

  3. Wombat

    I can totally understand everything you’re saying, Tom. I still have no idea how you ever (and people like Gordon) produced more than one strip a week AND have a job/social life/ect. So while I’ll miss Theater Hopper, I understand and wish you the best of luck, sir. I hope you’ll find time to keep producing comics in some form…love your stuff.

    See you at some cons over the summer…?…


    • Tom

      I don’t know where I’m going to be this convention season. I did pretty well at Chicago Comic Con last year. I might try to go again this year. The Chicago Alternative Comics Expo looks good, too. But I have to be approved for it first.

      Shows are about the only place I move merch anymore, so I’ll probably be around. 😉

    • Gordon

      What is a “social life”?

      • Chris Cantrell

        You know, when you go to the grocery store and you happen to bump into someone you know. At least, that’s what I hear.

  4. David Welsh
    David Welsh

    Ten years…well, congratulations. That’s an awesome milestone, and a better run than many strips have.

    I’m curious though, where you were talking about doing black and white strips and more personal stories. I know you’ve talked about wanting to do a journal comic for a long time. Do you think you’ll be doing a black and white journal comic after TH ends? I can’t imagine you giving up the habit altogether.

    • Andre

      I’m hoping for something, too. A black & white journal would be great. As the time went by, TH became more about the real-life Tom and his family than the comic-Tom and his movie-going buddies… and that’s just fine. Can’t wait to see what’s next for Tom, and hope we’ll still see him online soon!

      • Andre

        Why did someone give me a thumbs down for this comment?

        • Tom

          Maybe they meant to hit the thumbs up button and missed?

  5. Kevin

    This is a big deal, but not one that’s too surprising. You’ve got a good comic here, and I’ve always enjoyed it. I know we’ve got a ways left before the real goodbye, but knowing there’s going to be an end will make these last few months bittersweet.

    Ten Years is a heck of a run. Congrats, and I hope this won’t be the end of your commiking.

  6. Marie

    Well, I understand your desire to stop doing this comic and I understand completely. I’m glad that you are making a formal post announcing all this.

    • Tom

      I can’t imagine doing it any other way.

      Readers like yourself have supported me for years. The very *least* I owe you is a formal explanation.

  7. Solinbeb

    Kids…always causing upsets. Just kidding, Tom. Like I tell my IB chatters and people in the groups I talk to, family always comes first. I know I’ve enjoyed reading TH for the past few years, but if it’s time…it’s time.

    Though, if you ever come back to it…bring your kid(s)…they like movies, too.

    • Tom

      Don’t worry. We’re raising a couple of cinephiles with an appreciation for quality storytelling. We just watched Winnie the Pooh last night! 😀

  8. Joseph Wade
    Joseph Wade

    I can’t say I’m surprised by the news, Tom, but I’m saddened nonetheless. If the comic has to move on to greener pastures, I just hope you’ll stick around in some form or another. Yours is an opinion and a voice that I’ve come to respect, and it’d be a shame if you disappeared from the internet entirely.

    Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this over the years, and if you have to go out, I’m glad you’re going out in style.

    • Tom

      I don’t think I’ll go away completely, Joe. I feel fortunate to have cultivated an engaged readership represented by people such as yourself. It feels good when someone says that they respect your opinion/voice. But believe me when I say that the value I place on the interaction with the people who are drawn to Theater Hopper is more valuable to me than you’ll ever know.

  9. Tom West
    Tom West

    I’ve been enjoying Theater Hopper for several years now and I just wanted to say thank you for the extraordinary time and effort you’ve made over the years to provide us with this comic and

    I’d also like to thank you for recognizing the situation and shutting down the comic in an orderly fashion.

    I think far too many people who are providing a service like this find themselves ready to move on but are too guilt-ridden to acknowledge and plan it. Thus their creation putters onward more and more slowly, alienating fans along the way and, more importantly, replacing the artist’s sense of joy and accomplishment with guilt and bitterness until it finally dies a death unmourned by either the former fans or the artists themselves.

    By planning this in advance, you allow Theater Hopper to leave on a high note, with it fans, if slightly saddened, satisfied that you took it everywhere you could take it and appreciative for your years of effort. As well, I hope a proper closing enables you look back at this enterprise with pride and satisfaction at a job superbly done.

    Thank you.

    • Tom

      What you described is exactly what I feared for Theater Hopper. It’s the same reason I couldn’t accept going to black and white. A certain expectation for Theater Hopper has built up over time. If not in the audience’s mind, then certainly in my own. Compromising on art at this point would have been slow death – no different than delaying the inevitable and having the quality suffer. I could imagine no greater dishonor than to alienate readers in that way.

      Having establish a deadline has invigorated me somewhat. I have several ideas for strips where (usually) I only look about one week ahead. I’ve decided to take the shackles off in the last few months and write more about the characters and less about movies. There will be movie stuff mixed in, sure. But I feel like I owe it to the readers to send the characters off properly.

  10. CW

    I’m going to miss the comic, but this is clearly the right decision. As a movie-lover with two small kids of my own I completely get the impact they have on your priorities. Thank you for ten years of quality entertainment.

  11. Kaleb

    …and the announcement came on my birthday too.

    Tom, I don’t read webcomics. I never have and even though I like a few out there, I likely won’t pick any of them up. I’ve been a fan of yours since around 2002-03 and have read every comic since then. This news makes me sad, but your reasons for ending this strip were most logical. May God bless you, Cami, Henry and Pearl during this next transition in your life. I predict that the day after this is over, you will sigh a big sigh and then smile. 🙂 Cheers!

    • Tom

      Sorry, dude. Didn’t mean to futz up your birthday. 🙁

      That said, I really appreciate your compliments. They mean a lot. Thanks.

  12. Tigertail

    Tom, I have almost never made any commentary on here but have been following along for several years. I am sad to see Theater Hopper go, but I understand and appreciate the way you are bowing out of it…very classy. I really do hope to see you doing some other new project that sparks your interest no matter what it is I will be following along. Is it too late to get more Theater Hopper sketch cards, or will you have time to do those with the big finale coming up? I still get a giggle out of the Goonies one you drew for me a while back it is safely tucked away inside my Goonies DVD case. 🙂

    • Tom

      Everything in the store is still available for the foreseeable future and that includes sketch cards. If you want another one, hit me up! I’ll be happy to draw whatever you like!

  13. Avi

    Ten years is a great accomplishment! I expect you’ll end on a positive note 😉

    • Tom

      I already have the last comic in mind. I think people will be pleased with how it ends. 😉

  14. Eoraptor

    Well, what to say…? It definitely makes me sad. I’ve been following TH for oh… probably four years now. Much like your investment in the comic as a creator, I feel like I have an investment in the comic as a reader (and no that’s not in the sick and piously entitled way a lot of people have about fictional content). So it’s sad to see that coming to an end.

    Still, you’ve laid out the reasons why you need to stop, and I wholly agree with them. Even if you “streamlined the process” as you laid out, ultimately, it’s a comic about movies. and when you can’t see the movies in a timely manner, indeed that must handcuff your creative effort to a point where it becomes a burden to make the content instead of a joy.

    Still, I don’t think TH has at all become fraudulent. If I go and look at the web comics I read consistently. I couldn’t find a single one, not one singular URL, where comic number one was not in some marked way different from comic number seven-hundred-some (or even from comic one to comic ten some times). As creators, just as human beings, we grow and change over time. So what we create changes too. So you should never feel bad, because it’s been the same comic over the nine odd years, it’s just evolved somewhat. And that’s saying something when I look at PVP and some of the characters are, at times, almost wholly unrecognizable from one iteration to the next.

    In the end, I guess what I am saying is that I’m sorry to see the strip ending, especially from local talent. (I don’t know if you noticed, but central Iowa is not exactly a hotbed of webcomicry). Still, I am glad you have well reasoned thoughts about why it’s time to end the strip, and did not just decide to drop the “well guess what, sorry but this is the end” on us on August 12.

    I’ll stay tuned through the end of the strip happily, and hope maybe you pop up again some day with a new strip of some kind that suits your current stage in life. 🙂

  15. Charley

    Thank You for making me smile so much Tom. I will miss comic Tom and his friends, but I will always have you and the friends I made through Theater Hopper.
    Best wishes on whatever path you take in the future, and congratulations for what you’ve accomplished!

    • Tom

      Charley, I’m very much a better person for having known you and everyone else that came together for that magical year or two in the THorum. That’s probably one of my proudest accomplishments related to the site and I hope to carry those relationships forward. All of you have become good friends.

      Thank you so much for your support.

  16. David

    Good sir, I have enjoyed your comics so much over the last 4 years I’ve been reading them. And I’m proud to have on my bookshelf your 2nd and 3rd book. For the last 4 years, your comic has been a favorite part of my weekly routine. I thank you for the little bit of joy, humor, and love of movies you have shared with us.

    As a last hurrah, I expect an amazing last comic August 6th. And possibly an associated poster for sale? 😉 No pressure. Great comic today also, btw.

    • Tom

      I had a thought about doing a limited-edition t-shirt to ride off into the sunset with. But, truth be told, I don’t think I want to risk sitting on any more inventory!

      A poster might not be a bad idea, though. I’ll consider it! 😀

  17. Meem

    I’ve followed this comic for most of its life…and I will definitely miss it (and you)! But, I totally understand where you’re coming from. I think you’re making the right decision.

  18. trevor

    Sad to hear you’re going to be ending this comic, Tom. However, I totally understand a desire to grow and do other projects. A web comic that updates on a regular basis, however often that may be, is a big time commitment. And with having a family of your own, that has to be a difficult thing to manage.

    Best of luck to you, my friend, and looking forward to the remaining months of Theater Hopper!

    • Tom

      Thanks, Trevor. I know you know “the life” and the time investment it requires. I appreciate the acknowledgement of that.

  19. Katy

    Are you trying to make me cry over my morning coffee, Tom? I’m sad to hear the comic is ending but I can’t help but feel that is going to be a good move for you, and will lead to other awesome things. I’ll be here until the end, and I wish you luck with everything that comes after.

  20. Liz

    Sad face. I love this comic, and since I am a movie buff AND a communication theory buff, I didn’t mind the switch to marketing jokes. But I understand that it’s what’s best for you, and that’s really what’s important.

    I know in some blog post or Twitter post or something you kicked around the idea of maybe doing a blog-type comic? Is that still an idea? I always read the newspost you associate with the comic because I enjoy the way you look at things and express yourself. I think I’d (as well as the rest of your readers) enjoy something like a journal-type comic immensely.

    Good luck with everything 🙂 No matter what happens, I’m sure I’ll enjoy TH to the bittersweet end.

    • Tom

      I’m not sure what the next step will be, but I don’t think I’ll be going away completely. I’ve really enjoyed blogging these last 10 years and if I haven’t broken the habit by now, I don’t think it’s ever going to happen!

      I’ve had people tell me they skip over the comic completely just to read the blog – which was kind of flattering in a way!

  21. RelaxingDragon

    Feels like something that’s been a long time coming, but still sad. I recall stumbling upon this strip a few years ago after you did a guest comic for someone else, and powering my way through your entire archive over the course of a weekend. Good times.

    Anyway, I’ll stick with ya until the very end, until you head off to greener pastures (the ones where there’s no updates to miss :P). I wish you the best of luck in all future endeavors, whatever they may be.

  22. Luke

    Well Tom, all good things have to come to an end. I have loved Theater Hopper from the day I first found it in 2004, and have enjoyed reading about Tom, Cami, Jared, Jimmy, Charlie, Truman, and the rest.

    If nothing else this is motivation to finally order the books!

    Looking forward to seeing what stories are left and where things go from here!

    • Tom

      Now’s a great time to order the books. I’m selling them three for the price of two – so that’s a pretty good deal!

      I gotta get rid of this merchandise. I don’t think I can handle looking into a closet full of Theater Hopper books. It’d be a sad reminder…

  23. David

    Hi Tom,

    I have only commented in the comic a handful of times, but I’ve been following it from almost the beginning. Following Tom and Cami every week, along with a few other select comics, has kept me sane through university, moving home FOUR times and a lot of adventures in between. I am saddened by the coming end, but I’m glad that you are doing this for the right reasons: to maintain the artistic integrity, to spend time with your family and, most importantly, to head into the next step of your career. Good luck Tom, and please accept my thanks for 10 years of laughs, tears and cardboard Iron Man. David (Northern Ireland)

    • Tom

      When someone reference your work as a benchmark in time with their own life, I think that’s a pretty fantastic compliment.

      I’m glad I could be a kind of constant for you in your life, David and I appreciate the support. Thanks, man.

  24. Ben

    Like others who’ve posted here, I’m sorry to hear that TH is riding off into the sunset. However, I think your reasoning is spot on and your commitment to the quality of your art is incredibly commendable. That being said, I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing the arc you take us on during the next couple of months. Antici….. pation!

  25. Jack

    I’d be the first to admit that I take webcomics a little for granted, but I’ve never begrudged anyone the right to move on because they want to or have to, or to slow down when times are tough, and I’m not going to do that now.

    It doesn’t annoy me when comics update less frequently, just when they miss updates. It doesn’t annoy me when comics end, just when they go on eternal hiatuses. What I appreciate about you, Tom, is that you’ve always been up front about what’s going on with the comic and why things have come to this point. Will I be sad to see Theater Hopper go? Of course I will, but this isn’t a perfect world. If it were, the jokes would synch up to when movies come out in my country!

    I’ll be here in August to congratulate you for ten years of hard work.

  26. Kent

    It’s the apocalypse alright. Sad to hear the news, but I totally understand your reasons. It’s been great talking to you at the shows & I’m looking forward to see how everything turns out.

  27. Jeremiah Clark
    Jeremiah Clark

    I’m not sure what I can say that others haven’t already. Theater Hopper ended up being a pretty big thing in a lot of people’s lives. For years the Theater Hopper forum was my outlet, and despite some of the things that went down toward the end, I wouldn’t trade any of it. Thank you for providing the platform for all of that.

    Out of curiosity, are you planning to produce more collections? I’d love to have the full ten volume set.

    • Tom

      No, I think I’m done with the books. The investment is huge and without the site to drive sales, I’d be sitting on a lot of merchandise.

      Truth be told, I still gotta get rid of the books I have. Although, since we’ve been trading e-mails about eBooks, the thought has occurred to me to produce years 4 through 10 in that format. It might be a nice thing to do for people who enjoyed reading the behind-the-scenes stuff. Not much investment there except time.

      I replied to Charley earlier about how the THorum was probably one of my proudest accomplishments related to Theater Hopper. Yeah, I bungled it up at the end, but I think most of those friendships came through unscathed. It was a really unique time for all us, that’s for sure. I mean, Meags and and Michael met through our THorum and got married! Then they had a baby! There’s a Theater Hopper baby out there! That’s CRAZY.

      You’re a great friend Jeremiah and I know we’ll continue to stay in touch comic or not.

      • Jeremiah Clark
        Jeremiah Clark

        I don’t think anything that happened was your fault. I know that I was going through some stuff at the time IRL and got antagonistic (especially bad being a moderator), so I’m at least as much to blame as you are. I think things had just run their course, it happens. I still communicate regularly with a bunch of THorum people, through Twitter, Facebook, and occasionally through email or personal blogs. The important connections remain.

        If eBooks are the best option, I’d be all for it. Would it be possible to do some sort of print on demand option though? Something like Lulu, so you wouldn’t be saddled with any stock? I know it would make them more expensive, but it would be nice to have the option along side the eBooks. Something to think about.

        • Tom

          I explored LuLu for the first three books. For print-on-demand service for a full-color book with 200+ pages, I think it was something like $40 per book. I mean, if someone wants to pay it, great. But that’d have to be one die-hard dude.

          Then again, it would be nice to have my own copies of those books.

          I’ll keep it in mind…

  28. Lorne

    Sad news, but totally understandable. 😐

    BTW: If you happen to cap off the comic’s run with Spoiler Shirt: Part III: The Final Countdown, my wallet will gladly thank you with its delicious insides… =)

    • Tom

      Oh, man. Don’t tempt me!

  29. Alex

    Hey Tom,

    I started reading your comic about a year after it started, so I feel proud to say that I’ve been enjoying your comic every week for nine of its ten years. I’ve never commented on a strip before, but I’ve never failed to check back in every MWF (and more recently, just Mondays) for a new update. Your webcomic is one of the very first ones I started reading religiously.

    When I started reading I was 13 years old and in middle school; I am now 22 and about to move on to student teaching and beginning a career as an educator. Needless to say, that’s a nine-year span that entailed a LOT of life changes, and thinking back, Theater Hopper has been one of the few constants that I have been able to depend on throughout all of it.

    This comic never fails to bring a silly-ass grin to my face, and you’ve stuck out to me as someone who has always been trying new things without losing sight of what’s at the heart of his work; someone who seems like one of the most genuinely kind and friendly guys on the planet and has managed to keep close ties with his readers while building up an enormous body of work.

    Your humble nature is inspiring, but you should know that you have accomplished something incredibly profound with Theater Hopper – something that his stuck with me for all of nine years, and will continue to all the way until its end date. (And, as many have said, I am extremely grateful that you’re planning this so far in advance so that you give a proper send-off. I truly appreciate seeing that in something I have been invested in for so long.)

    I look forward to seeing any projects you may start in the future, and if nothing else wish you the best of luck with your life and family. Thanks for a decade of laughs, Tom!

  30. Scott Hall
    Scott Hall

    Alright man. Sad to see it go but glad you’ll make it to 10 years.
    I read tons of webcomics and TH always keeps me coming back.
    Thanks for being one of the good ones.

  31. Richard

    I hate saying goodbye to characters I’ve grown to love, and I’ve definitely grown to love your characters over the years Tom. You’ve done a wonderful job with this comic, and I thank you for always keeping us in the loop on the changes being made. Between this and Starslip ending this is going to be a sad year.

  32. skulldaisygimp

    Tom, I’ve always enjoyed Theater Hopper, and while I’m sorry to hear it’s going to meet its end in the forseeable future, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful ride you’ve taken us on as your readers. I’ve been reading long enough that I’ve seen the art evolve and change, as well as the subject matter, and I can see, through your words, why everything has come to this. I respect you greatly for your candor here; I’ll miss the weekly jabs at movie marketing, Shia Labeouf, and all the other favorite targets, but I’ll never forget the laughs I’ve shared with the rest of your audience.
    I’m glad that you can end the comic on your terms, in your own good time, and for your obviously well-thought-out reasons. I’ve seen a lot of webcomics come and go, and it’s usually a sudden break from the reader’s point of view. I’m glad that’s not the case here, and that we can take our time and say our goodbyes properly. I hope you’ve enjoyed bringing the comic to us, to the point that if you were given the opportunity to do it over again, you’d still “join the bar fight with the Nausicaans.”
    Thanks again for the ride; you can count on my support in any future projects or endeavors you undertake. And, of course, for the remaining time we have with our beloved zany cast of movie-goers.
    Have a nice day!

    • Tom

      What’s craziest about this is that I just watched that Nausicaan’s episode of ST:TNG just the other night. Seriously.

      Thanks for your compliments and support. I appreciate it.

  33. cass

    Do make sure to keep us posted about your new projects after August 🙂

  34. PkmnTrainerJ

    That’s a shame but I fully understand your decision to do this. I’ve been reading for a good few years, not the full 10, as I was only in my early teens then, but probably for about 8 years or so and have usually found the comic very funny.

    Thanks for producing a great comic, I hope you’ll release it all in book form when it closes up.

  35. Wade

    First “Ugly Hill” and now this? 🙁

    PVP had better stick around!

    Thanks for all the humor and enjoyment you’ve brought us!

  36. Patrick Dorsey
    Patrick Dorsey

    I’ve been a long time reader since early days even if I haven’t been vocal or active in the forums. I just wanted to thank you for the years of comics you’ve provided to us. It’s been one of my regular web comic stops for these many years, and you will be missed.

  37. Pedro

    I’ve been following Theater Hopper for about 3 years and this is my first comment here! I really enjoy your take on the movies (and their marketing) but I totally respect your decision and I hope you find something else where you can excel yourself. Best of luck to you and thanks for all the laughs 🙂 (I will be keeping up on TH until August, that’s for sure!)

  38. Tonia

    I think it is amazing you have been doing Theatre Hopper for ten years – even though I haven’t commented often, I have always enjoyed reading them. I can totally understand why you have decide to end the strip, but hope you will be able to share future creative efforts with us, whatever they may be 🙂

  39. dale martin

    This is a big change, but it must be an exciting time to grow your characters into a different and more fulfilling direction for yourself. I’ll keep watching where it’s headed!

    • Jeremiah Clark
      Jeremiah Clark

      I don’t think Dale read the blog post or any of the comments…

      • Tom

        I think Dale was referring to the more dramatic angle I plan on taking the characters in the next few months before ending the comic.

  40. Simon

    I’m saddened to hear this as I’ve been an avid reader from when there were less than a hundred comics. Things do come to an end and this early announcement is so much better than simply yanking the plug out.

    Early congratulations on making 10 years (It is amazing!) and now eagerly looking forward to the comics until then!

  41. taekwondogirl

    This is really sad but at the same time… really touching and sweet. I love reading Theater Hopper and I’ve seen comics I love time and again just disappear. Thank you so much for giving us such an advanced heads up as well as being honest with yourself about everything.

    Your blogs are some of the most honest and interesting to read on the web so I really hope you continue that in some regard after. How much longer do you think you’ll be selling the books? I can’t afford it right now but I really want to get at least one at some point.

  42. Chris Cantrell


    I remember back in the day when you first got going and you and I were running along (we even did that great Theater Hopper / Please Rewind cover for Zoinks) with a bunch of other movie comics. At the time, we had no idea who would end up surviving in the sea comics that had popped up on the internet seemingly overnight. Your staying power and dedication to your fans is amazing and should be applauded.

    As someone who has had to shoot more than one project in the head, I can tell you that this is probably the best decision you’ll ever make creatively. Not because TH was a bad comic, but it’ll clean your creative palette and let you start again with all your skills you’ve gained over the last decade. You may feel weird not sitting down and drawing a TH strip at first, but soon you’ll find a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you’ll start getting excited to try new things.

    I hope that we’ll see something new from you soon, when the time is right. And don’t kid yourself, once you get on this bike, you never stop riding for too long. 😉

    Best of luck, Tom. It’s been great working with you and reading Theater Hopper.

    • Tom

      Thanks a lot, Chris. It means a lot to hear this kind of encouragement – especially from someone else that’s been in the trenches. 🙂

  43. Over enthusiastic ECCC goer
    Over enthusiastic ECCC goer

    Well I certainly glad I ran across you at Emerald City Comic Con, when I did!

    I bought all three of your books and am very excited about reading them (skipping out on some homework I know I should be doing).
    I don’t have too heavy of a heart hearing that you’re stopping the comic, considering I’ve only read 38 of them (so far).
    But those 38 (so far) have been pretty fun, and it was super cool to meet you!
    Even with the end date in site I’ll be shoving these books in oh so many faces forcing some poor unsuspecting strangers and some unfortunate ususpecting friends to giggle with me at these comics.
    Thanks for the autograph, sketch, and the books!
    You do you, and I’m going back to reading.
    Good luck in all you do!

    • Tom

      Yeah, I had a hard time telling people at ECCC that I was ending the comic. Why bring them down, right? Besides, the archives are going to stay up as long as possible. I really want people to go back and read it if they stumble upon it later.

      Thanks for buying the books. I really appreciate you giving Theater Hopper a try!

      • Over enthusiastic ECCC goer
        Over enthusiastic ECCC goer

        (Currently at 344)

        Makes enough sense, and I am sure the moment I put down book three I will find where it left off and go through the website like an OCD patient.
        When I walked passed your table at ECCC, you were very nice and pushed every right button that you can when talking to a MST3K fan I couldn’t give you my money fast enough.
        Though your comic was originally meant to be ridiculously awesome fluff between the piles of homework, and information I have to superficially shove into my brain, since I picked up book one it’s become the main part of my last week.
        So thanks for the not-so-fluff fluff!
        It’s been super fun to read!!!

        • Tom

          That’s very encouraging to read!

          It was always my intent to provide people who bought the books something the web site could not provide. With the comics online and free, there had to be something in there to make the books worthwhile.

          I’m glad you’re enjoying them!

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