Theater Hopper fans are awesome. Similarly, they do awesome things.

Case in point, this real-life Cardboard Iron Man costume submitted by reader David Welsh:

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David said he built his costume for Halloween last year. It makes me think I should try building my own Cardboard Iron Man costume to embarrass my kids with this year…

I’m always amazed at the positive reaction Cardboard Iron Man generates, but I shy away from taken any credit for it. To me, making an Iron Man costume out of cardboard boxes seems as natural as laying a slice of bread with jelly on it atop a slice of bread with peanut butter on it.

But you guys like it and I like drawing it, so we’re gonna ride this one into the ground together!

To see more photos of David’s costume, check out the gallery I set up over at the Theater Hopper Facebook page.

Thanks again, David!