David, Talking DVD Player, Shia LaBeouf, Michael Bay, ice cream

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  1. demonfafa

    Your face in the first panel is priceless. I want to get that framed. Srsly.

  2. Rene

    Yes, I indeed forgot about David the talking DVD player.

  3. Steve

    Heh, it was fun catching up on the backstory for David the talking DVD player.
    So last night my wife and I FINALLY saw Moon. I’ve got no where else to go, so I hope it’s ok if I seek movie snob comfort here…. I don’t know where else to go. [little tear]
    So when Moon finally showed up in my town, it was for a short run in the crappiest, oldest theater in town that’s playing $3 movies to just try and stay in business. I thought it was a shame that Moon had to play along side movies like Night at the Museum and Monsters vs. Aliens. Well, I couldn’t complain much, because I was finally going to see Moon. We sit down in the smallest theater I’ve probably ever been in, and I remembered why I stopped going there 10 years ago. “Yea, this place still sucks,” I thought. Little did I know….
    So Moon starts, and BEHOLD… half of that name in the title credits is off screen. There, it happens again… half of Sam’s face is off screen… the composition on this shot looks like crap… DAMNIT, it’s CROPPED!! I mean call me picky or a movie snob, but shouldn’t a movie theater get these things right?! It is their only job after all: MOVIES!
    To wrap up my rant, we all enjoyed the movie. It was great to see something original (especially these days) and it was fun to think about after watching. But I really feel like our experience was stinted by the fact it was cropped (and the audio quality sucks, but I’m just gonna blame that on the oldest theater in town’s audio system). So even though I would want to see it again some day, I really want to watch it again NOW as it’s meant to be, because I just feel ripped off.
    Thanks for letting me cry on some fellow movie lovers shoulders here… I knew the Theater Hopper crowd would be some of the rare type of movie people that would fully understand my feelings! 🙂
    I mean Tom dislikes Transformers about as much as me! Now that makes me feel like I’m part of a special minority here.

  4. The Castro

    I remembered him, I though instantly wasn’t he in the comic, maybe it was a dvr. Then I read your post. So why would Shehi Leboof mistake you for Jared when you weren’t even present?

    • Tom

      LaBeouf’s confusion will all be explained in time!

  5. Stranger

    …good lord, I instantly remembered him. God I’m an internet dork >_<

  6. TheDon

    I remember david. I always thought the semi that ran him over was an optimus prime look alike

  7. Jonas

    steve: did you tell anyone at the movie theatre that the picture looked wrong? Sounds like it was going through the wrong format, which takes half a second to fix and doesn’t require stopping the movie.

  8. Steve

    I didn’t because to be honest… I lost all hope for that theater a long time ago, and I only went there because it was the only place in town playing moon. I know you’re right, it was 1.85:1 when it should’ve been 2.39:1. I had no idea it was such an easy quick fix, or I would’ve ran to the front to say something. Probably just the wrong anamorphic lens on the projector, eh?
    Anyways, thanks for the tip Jonas… it was really disappointing.

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