I feel kind of weird because I feel like there isn’t much for me to blog about in relation to this storyline. I always get this way. There’s nothing here to explain except for what’s in the comic. I can’t go into much more detail without exposing plot points later on.

I suppose I can address one question a reader left in the comment field regarding Wednesday’s comic. I was asked how Shia LaBeouf could have confused Tom for Jared after the hand-smashing episode if Tom was never at the scene. It’s a fair question. At the risk of being completely opaque, I will say that Shia’s confusion will be explained soon. Don’t worry. This little mini-arc will be done soon.

I already have a joke in mind about The Ugly Truth, which is coming out today. It’s been really funny to watch Cami and her reaction to this film. She hates the commercials for this thing – says it looks awful. Part of me think she’s reacting to the obvious and hackneyed plot any movie-goer could decipher in 5 seconds. I think the other half of her scorn is just watching Katherine Heigl on screen.

If you follow celebrity gossip at all, Heigl has burned a lot of bridges with her diva-like behavior. Pretty much a classic example of a star thinking they have some kind of pull when they’re not famous enough to get away with it.

My parents have offered to watch Henry Saturday evening, so I think Cami and I are going to try and catch something, at least. I have my eye on Moon, the sci-fi movie with Sam Rockwell. Cami thinks it looks scary, so we’ll probably end up seeing Food, Inc. instead.

I’ve been hearing some pretty interesting things about Food, Inc. Basically, that after watching it, you’ll never buy anything that isn’t locally produced again.

Considering my terrible eating habits, Food, Inc. could end up being twice as scary as Moon could ever be!

That’s about it for me right now. I know everyone is at San Diego Comic Con right now, but my mind is on Chicago Comic Con coming up in two weeks. I’m putting together 1″ pins for giveaway and a press kit I can hand out to people who stop by the booth. It’s good to have a goal.

Speaking of goals, before I leave, I want to point out the t-shirt pre-order goal I have at the top of the page. We’re half-way to the 50 orders I need by the end of the month. If you’re at all thinking about buying a shirt or a book, please do so now! If you want to float a donation my way, every little bit helps! I could really use your support before going to Chicago Comic Con!

Thanks again, guys! Have a great weekend and I’ll see you here on Monday!

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David? The snotty little DVD player I kicked out of my house because he'd rather read books than play movies?

What could he possibly do to hurt...