My long ordeal is over.

After taking Henry to day care and dropping Cami off at work this morning, I went back to the hospital where I went when I had my accident last week to have my stitches taken out.

I’ve pretty much been a big baby through this entire ordeal and at one point Cami said she wanted to be in the room when they took my stitches out to support me. It’s a touching gesture, really. But I didn’t want to waste her time and insisted she go to work instead.

I actually became somewhat comfortable with the stitches in the last few days. Well, aside from the itching. But that was a good thing because itching means healing!

I was nervous about getting the stitches out only because I didn’t know if they were going to hurt or not. I’ve never had stitches before, so I had no frame of reference. I’m happy to say it was no big deal. Just a little tug. It feel like someone was tweezing the hair off the top of my hand.

I was nervous after checking in, though. I thought they would just sit me down and do it. Instead, they took me into triage, had me lay down on a gurney, took my temperature, took my blood pressure and put that little heart monitor clip on the tip of my finger. “Is all of this necessary, I thought?

But I guess it was all just standard procedures they were following. In the end, it wasn’t the second round of trauma I anticipate it to be. I even watched as they took out the stitches! That’s a big improvement over nearly vomiting and passing out a week ago!

So now I can go back to life pretty much as it was before. I don’t have to wear a bandage, I can get my hand wet. Basically keep it clean and wait for it to become a scar.

Oh, and what a scar it will be. I took another picture of my hand without stitches. You can see it here. I pretty much plan on telling people I got in a fight with a grizzly bear to explain it from this point forward.

In the meantime, I wanted to say thanks again to all of you who sent well wishes. I was impressed by how fast this wound healed and I have no doubt your support played a large role in that.

So, thank you.