Because I lead a rich and satisfying life, I was casually looking at the people who are currently following my Twitter account and was surprised to see a picture of Katherine Heigl floating in the list of avatars.

Thinking it was a Heigl super-fan who was now stalking me using Twitter, I investigated further to discover that it was actually an account created for Abby Richter – the fictional character Heigl plays in The Ugly Truth.

Reading some of the tweets, I could see that “Abby” was having a contentious back-and-forth with one Chad Meister. That’s right – the character in played by Gerard Butler in the same movie.

Now I totally understand using social media to help promote stuff and realize that most likely it’s some intern at Sony Pictures having a conversation with himself. But what I don’t understand are the real-life people who are following this inanity.

Certainly it would be one thing if “Abby” were throwing messages into the digital ether and responding to questions or comments posed by fans of the movie (whoever they might be). But when these two fictional characters are carrying on a conversation with each other, excluding everyone else, you kind of wonder what the point of it is…