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  1. Bodyguard

    I’m glad someone else still likes Bale. His rant never affected my opinion. He is my current favorite working actor.

  2. Nick

    My wife has had a crush on Bale since Newsies. When I dragged her to Batman Begins, she didn’t know who was playing Batman, and when Bale showed up on screen she loudly exclaimed “Newsies!” in the theatre and laughed. Way to ruin the movie for everyone, sweetie…

  3. Matt D
    Matt D

    I have liked Bale in every movie he has done, he is the consumate professional and you have to admire a guy who is dedicated to his craft. That rant was taken completly out of context I think, if a guy is acting and in the middle of a particularily emotional scene and someone ruins it I would be pissed as well.

    As for Depp, I didn’t much care for him in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, that was a little too off the wall for my tastes (I’ll take Eugene Wilder thanks).

  4. Tom

    That’s a funny story.

    Newsies is kind of one of those movies that Bale will never live down. His performance was… fine. But the concept was so ridiculous, it’s only made forgivable by the fact that Bale was still in his teens and not the method actor he is today.

  5. demonfafa

    Well, he kind of IS a tool. Some people can’t separate the person from the art. In fact, I’ve met several of my own idols and actors/personalities I’ve admired and regretted it almost every time. Henry Rollins, Avery Brooks, Patrick Stewart (although with Patrick, he was just more ‘weird’ than a tool), Kenneth Branaugh, the list goes on.

    This is why I hate when celebrity stories venture outside the tabloid rack at the supermarket or the celeb websites like TMZ and permeate the web… I’d rather simply just not know about them as people.

    • Tom

      Hrm… You’re walking on thin ice dissing Rollins!

      I’ve met Rollins a couple of times. He may be a little awkward and formal, but he’s never acted like a tool the few times I’ve been around him.

  6. Orpheus

    I thought you were gonna make a Public Enemy (Chuck D., et al) joke, Tom. But ya caught me off guard, so it’s all good.

    Is it just me, or do the trailers for Public Enemies make the film look like it was shot on digital camcorders (a la Collateral)? I realize that’s sorta Michael Mann’s thing now, but for a movie set in the 1930s, I don’t know if that works. Regardless, it looks like a lot of fun, so I’ll probably catch it tomorrow.

  7. Riko

    Dammit Tom! I’m seeing this movie this weekend with my girlfriend and you preemptively stole my best “walking by the poster” lines!
    As for Patrick Stewart being weird, if Warren Ellis is to be believed, the man is a total nutter. “Patrick Stewart just is not happy unless he’s running around naked and screaming” – Warren Ellis at Dragon*Con

  8. wren1313

    I am looking forward to Public Enemies because of Depp and my town, Dayton OH, has a major connection to Dillinger (he was captured here) and is included in the film. Our local paper did a huge 3 page spread on the Dayton-Dillinger connection and how we can actually view police archives about Dillinger’s capture at the local university I attended. Tom, it is like when you were excited about Idaho being featured in the new Star Trek movie.

    I actually like Depp as an actor because he is not afraid to take the odd roles along with the main stream. I also appreciate the fact that he keeps to himself and keeps himself out of the tabloids.

  9. Relaxing Dragon
    Relaxing Dragon

    Eerie, I was jus browsing the imdb page for Public Enemies before I came here today, and that exact joke popped in my head. Hey, immature giggles are still giggles 😀

    Can’t wait to see that movie. I’m rather lukewarm towards Michael Mann and I do like Christain Bale (though he has yet to top Patrick Bateman in my eyes), but I love love love Johnny Depp. I’d follow him to the ends of the Earth, and he looks like he’ll do a great job in this movie.

    Orpheus: My friends were commenting on that in the trailers, something about how there’s more blur since it’s shot in all digital. I honestly can’t tell the difference, just doesn’t seem like a big deal to me (doesn’t need to be shot on 30’s era film to be a good film about things in the 30s, after all).

  10. WG

    Actually wren1313 Star Trek mentioned Iowa. Not Idaho…has any movie ever mentioned Idaho? A town 10 minutes north of me actually has THE car that John Dillinger drove in a museum, along with several movie vehicles. They used it in the movie as well, but they had to make it driveable again.

  11. Billy

    Ah! HAHAHA! At our local movie house we unscrewed the ‘L’ and hid it. Our friend who works there informs us that it gets restolen at least two or three times a day. It’s fun being twelve years old.

  12. Orpheus

    Relaxing Dragon: You’re right. How a film is shot shouldn’t necessarily affect the story being told. I could be wrong and really enjoy the film, it’s just something I tend to notice.

  13. Ben

    “I’m pretty much convinced Johnny Depp and Christian Bale can do no wrong.” With you there on Depp (hell, I even loved Dead Man). However, while I’m a fan of Bale, the latest Terminator was pretty much inexcusable.

    • Tom

      Did Wren just confuse Iowa for Idaho? Tsk, tsk, tsk.

      I thought our profile was raised somewhat after we legalized gay marriage!

  14. Glen Newman
    Glen Newman

    The digital look of Collateral that you mention isn’t at all prevalent in Public Enemies. It is shot on digital but with perfect clarity, alllowing for all the period detail to be seen perfectly. You really do feel that it’s 1933 in the movie. In fact, I don’t recall ever seeing a movie that invokes the period it’s set in so well without having to rely on fancy tricks or over emphasising the period settings.

    As for the movie itself, I loved it. It had a lot more action than I expected but, as we all know, that’s not a bad thing as Mann is a master of cinematic shoot outs. A contender for film of the year for me.

  15. wren1313

    My total apologies about the Idaho – Iowa mix up. It would be like mixing up Ohio and Idaho: there is a world of difference.

    • Tom

      No worries, Wren. I was just havin’ fun!

  16. Leslie

    When my friends were setting up the Standee for Public Enemies they rearranged the letters to make it say “Penis Club”.

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