I promised you big news today, and by-gum, I’m gonna deliver!

I’m here to announce the VERY FIRST Theater Hopper t-shirts!

It’s been a long time coming for yours truly to start producing t-shirts. But after consulting with my many constituents in the forum, I decided the time was nigh to deliver. The demand is there! It was simply a matter of making the product available.

As you can see from the graphic on the right, the t-shirt features the one and only “Pimp Tom”. My forum homies had a real soft spot for this guy and I hope you do, too. The graphic is emblazoned boldly on the front while the Theater Hopper log and URL have found a righteous home on the left sleeve.

The shirts are 50/50 poly-cotton blend, black with white ink. Cost is a meager $15 dollars. They are printed with love and affection by the good people at Brunetto Shirts – the same individuals who’ve brought you quality clothing for web comics like Diesel Sweeties, Sam & Fuzzy, WIGU, Exploding Dog, Scary Go Round, Ctrl+Alt+Del, MacHall and many, many more!

Currently the shirts are on pre-order status through April 30th. That means, at the end of April, I will tally up all the orders we’ve received and submit them to Brunetto. They will then print up the shirts, mail them back to me, and I will ship them out sometime around the middle of May. Pre orders are the ONLY WAY TO GUARANTEE you will get a shirt.

I hope everyone is as excited about this as I am. Who knows? If the response is strong enough, I may just print up more shirts!

Thanks again for your support and continuing interest in Theater Hopper. I know I have some of the most awesome fans around. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t print up shirts for them. So THANK YOU!