Today's buzzComix incentive sketch is nothing specifically movie-related, but rather, a full body sketch of Tom as Huggy Bear-inspired pimp, who we saw just a scant two weeks ago. People in the forums tell me he's pretty popular, so I whipped up this sketch during a meeting at work that didn't involve me in the least.

I'm making this the incentive sketch for today because I'm thinking about making t-shirts and this is a design that could potentially be for sale later. If you want to say you saw it during early development, click here.

I hope you enjoyed today's St. Patrick's Day comic. Hopefully those of you who are legal will drink responsibly on this, the greatest holiday ever invented. New Year's Eve is probably the only other holiday that comes close in liquor consumption, but what I like best about St. Patrick's Day is that we don't need some symbolic fresh start to a new year as an excuse to get plastered. Instead it's more like "What day is it? March 17th? LET'S DRINK!"

(kids under 21, don't try this at home)

Today's comic also marks a milestone of sorts. Today we've racked up 250 comics written, penned and colored by yours truly! I think I'll probably be in greater slack-jawed amazement once August rolls around and Theater Hopper celebrates it's 2 year anniversary, but 250 strips is an accomplishment in its own right.

Seems like anniversaries are making the rounds lately. Questionable Content just scored it's 100th strip and Homestar Runner just logged it's 100th Strong Bad e-mail! It's a really good one, too. In WIDE-SCREEN! You movie lovers will appreciate that.

One last thing about the incentive sketch/t-shirt design. I'll probably be posting more t-shirt designs to the forums, so if you want to leave your two cents about what you would like to see (as well as preview the other sketches), you can do so there.