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  1. Relaxing Dragon
    Relaxing Dragon

    Away We Go is tempting, especially if it’s an un-Mendes Mendes movie. His movies always strike me as being a bit too full of themselves, and that drives me away (well, maybe not Jarhead, at least that one was up-front about how it was about nothing).

  2. Matt D
    Matt D

    I am not sure about Away We Go, while I do like John Krasinski as an actor and Mendes as a director it hasn’t really called to me. Probably another rental movie for me.

    It doesn’t surprise me that Transformer raked in 200 million over the weekend, I personally thought it was a decently done movie. Certainly not the best thing out there but in lieu of the lack of Summer Blockbusters I can see why this would do so well.

    I really hope that GI Joe is good (like Iron Man good). but I am walking into it with low expectations

  3. Steve

    My wife and I are both looking forward to see Away We Go, but not sure when it’ll be in a theater up here. I’m guessing we’ll be seeing it at our local $3 pub/movie theater place: Bear Tooth. It’s awesome, and romantic type movies don’t usually call us to the big screen. This one really looks like it will stand out from the majority of other movies in it’s genre in a really good way.
    Also, still really looking forward to seeing Moon. Just had to mention that because I know it’s already in theaters some places, like Away We Go must be if Tom has already seen it. That makes the waiting all the worse when you get to hear from lucky suckers that live somewhere with advanced screening. *Sigh*
    Sense we’re on the topic of Mendes: we watched Road to Perdition for the first time last Sunday. Great movie! We both really enjoyed it.
    And for my last little comment… When I saw the trailer for GI Joe, I was really confused. Those are GI Joes?! What the heck has happened in the last 20 years!?! At the end of the trailer, I turned to my friends and said “those aren’t the GI Joes I played with!”. I’m just wondering if anyone was feeling kind of the same way, because I happen to remember GI Joes being… well I dunno, in CAMO and not half robot. What, are they mini-transformers now? If someone has any insight on this techy change to the Joes, let me know. I’m thinking that it’s not going to be so great, so I’ll be skipping, but that’s all really based on my reaction to the trailer.

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