Apologies to those of you who came to the site on Friday to no blog. Forty lashes with a wet noodle for me.

Pretty much I was going to talk about how excited I was for The Simpsons Movie. When I didn’t get around to it Friday night and we ended up seeing The Simpsons Movie Saturday night, it felt redundant to retroactively talk about how I was anticipating it. So I held off for the full review that was posted above. I hope you enjoyed it.

Be sure to stop by the site tomorrow for a DVD review of 300. I was lucky enough to be sent an advanced copy and I have some thoughts for you on the day of it’s release. I know it’s outside the normal posting schedule, but think of it as an apology for bailing out on you guys Friday.

Oh – and there will still be comics this week. You can expect new strips on Wednesday adn Friday as usual.

By the way – did anyone notice that I snuck three comics into the mix last week? I was hoping to keep the streak alive this week. But two movie reviews and two comics is a fair trade, I think.

Last note: Be sure to check out The Triple Feature talkcast tonight over at TalkShoe at 9:00 PM CST. Gordon, Joe and I will be talking about The Simpsons Movie, I’m sure. Well, Joe might not be in attendance because he’s supposed to be flying back from the San Diego Comic Con (lucky bastard). But I’m hoping he has an opportunity to call in and give us the scoop on all the big movies coming out in 2008. If not, I’m sure Gordon and I will have lots to talk about. Superbad, The Ten and The Bourne Ultimatum all come out this Friday. So there’s a lot on our horizon!

Call in to talk to us live! See you then!