Real quick….



Man, not even 24 hours after I made my anti-Lohan rant, the dummy gets herself arrested for driving under the influence and for possession of cocaine ONE BLOCK AWAY FROM THE SANTA MONICA POLICE STATION! Her movie, I Know Who Killed Me, comes out in theaters on Friday. Brilliant promotion strategy, Lindsay!

Obviously Ms. Lohan has substance abuse problems and I don’t mean to make light of that. She clearly needs help and needs to get the hell out of Hollywood for a while. But think for a moment if this was anyone else. Some crazy crackhead you read about in your local paper. If you saw a headline that said “Local nut job high on angel dust involved in car chase” you’d WANT the cops to take them off the street. You’d want the judge to throw the book at them.

Not to go on another rant, but Lohan’s stint in rehab stemming from her Memorial Day arrest (for which she showed up in court for and paid $30,000 in bond toward five days ago) wasn’t enough to keep her from partying. So it’s time to employ new tactics. If they’re willing to throw Paris Hilton in jail for (admittedly) much, much less, then there should be no favoritism shown to Lohan.

At this point, you have to think that her career is pretty much over in mainstream Hollywood movies. She’s too much of a liability. I’m sure there will be a comeback down the road. She’ll clean herself up, do a couple of indie movies and then pull a Robert Downey Jr. If she’s smart, she might actually earn her credibility back.

Too bad her parents are totally nuts. I’m sure she could use some sensible advice from someone with influence over her. Someone that ISN’T her dealer.