I was gathering up all of my materials today to take up to FallCon and it occured to me that I didn’t thank some of you for helping me choose which Theater Hopper comics would be included in a sample binder I was taking with me.

A lot of you responded and I apologize for not thanking you personally. But, as you can imagine, things are hectic.

It was really interesting to get your feedback and find out what strips struck a chord with which readers. I noticed a definate “old school” vs. “new school” vibe in the e-mails – if that’s even possible for a comic that’s been around a little over a year.

But, yeah. Some of you picked the older comics while some of you were picking the most recent material. A lot of you picked comics that followed a story line – which is making me think that I need to be doing more story-telling rather than hit and miss one-liners.

Either way, I really appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

I think FallCon is going to be a blast. I’m nervous as hell, but it’s going to be a great learning experience.

Be sure to check back here on Monday for the full recap. There’ll even be a new comic to boot! I plan on taking a lot of photos, so once I get those back, I’ll post them to the site.

Have a great weeekend, everyone!