If ever there was a holiday that would have been perfect plot-wise for Theater Hopper, Halloween would have to be it. What with my habit of dressing up my characters in different costumes.

Still, this time around, it felt like an easy pick. So I decided to play with expectations and not go costume crazy. Especially when there are other comics doing a much better job.

Tomorrow is November the first and as such, buzzComix will reset their top comics list. I want everyone to come back to the site and throw in their support for the site.

We've been hovering around the low 30's for the last week or so, and I'm really happy with that. Especially when you consider that I joined the list half way through the month of October. But come November, I want to make a big push for the top 10 and let people know what we're all about. We did it once before over at Top Web Comics. We can do it again!

To give you that little extra incentive, everyone can expect a new piece of post-Halloween Theater Hopper artwork as reward for voting on Saturday. But remember, you can't see the artwork unless you vote and it HAS to be on Saturday. So take a break during Saturday morning cartoons and give us a little clicky-click.

In other news, fans of PVP might be aware that creator Scott Kurtz is making a pit stop in West Des Moines this Saturday at Mayhem Comics and Collectables. Guess who's going to see him? That's right. Me. I really have no excuse. Mayhem comics is, like, 15 minutes from my house

I know Scott gets flack for being controversial at times and a lot of people have grown to resent his popularity. But I'll freely admit that it was his example that led me into starting my own web comic. I figured if he could do it, why couldn't I? It's only a matter of time before I get that big contract from Image Comics! Yeah, right... :)

Anyway, I wanted to thank Scott for inspiring me to start my own comic. I'm going to bring a couple of samples of the strip to him on Saturday and try and persuade him to visit the site. Who knows. He might like it! Stranger things have happened! If he's not interested, then at least I can get my copy of PVP #1 signed. That'll show those chumps paying $250 for original Kurtz artwork on eBay who's boss!

Wish me luck and have a great holiday weekend!